Statement on Sexual Harassment - Gibney - New York
Week of June 18, 2019
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Statement on Sexual Harassment

Dear Gibney Community,

Ensuring that our space is safe for all who enter is a top priority for Gibney. In light of the recent public discourse regarding sexual assault and harassment in the arts and entertainment industries, we wanted to take a moment to address these topics with you, our community.

Abuse of power, invasion of space, and inappropriate or unhealthy communication can impact all people, regardless of gender, identity, ability, race, age, or sexual orientation. Defining and confronting abuse and harassment can be tenuous, especially within the intimate physical space of dance.

We hope to address this by co-creating a culture where showing respect is a manifestation of boundaries, and where we treat people with respect. We aim to create a space where everyone is empowered to speak up and transparency is valued. We are committed to working alongside our partners, and hand in hand with our community members, to support the cultural movement towards a safer and more equitable future.

To do this, we will offer a series of public programs over the next few months that will provide space for public discussion, mobilization, and resource sharing:

  • Saturday, January 6, A Gathering to Address Sexual Harassment in the NYC Dance Community. Dance/NYC, Gibney Dance, and the Actor’s Fund recognize this as a defining moment to publicly acknowledge long-existing issues of sexual harassment and abuses of power in the dance field. We invite you to join us for an open forum. Register here.
  • Wednesday, February 7, Center Line: Long Table: Sexual Harassment in the Dance Industry. Curated/facilitated by Eva Yaa Asantewaa/EYA Projects. Core participants: Gabri Christa, Katy Pyle, Nicole Wolcott and Siobhan Burke.
  • Thursday, April 26, Denim Day. Denim Day is a public response to an Italian Supreme Court ruling, which overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing tight jeans.
  • Wednesday, May 2, Art + Action Intensive: Addressing Sexual Violence Through the Arts. This series of interactive workshops led by Kimberleigh Costanzo and iele paloumpis will explore multiple ways to address issues of sexual violence through movement based modalities.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the NYC Rape, Sexual Assault & Incest Hotline at 212-227-3000 or the national hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673). Additionally, the Center for Anti-Violence Education has provided a list of organizations and resources that address violence in our society.

And finally, please take a moment to review our No Harassment Policy: Gibney Dance promotes an inclusive work environment free from verbal, physical and visual (e.g., signs, posters) forms of harassment. We maintain a zero tolerance policy respecting any form of harassment by anyone in our community or space. Forms of harassment include epithets, slurs, negative stereotyping, and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment encompasses any sexual attention that is unwanted or uninvited, and includes situations where submission or compliance is either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment or participation in classes, workshops, performances, or community events. Harassment can occur even when communications or conduct is not directed at a specific person.

If you experience or witness any form of harassment in our space, we encourage you to report it to our Senior Directors: Kara Gilmour ( or Amy Miller (

You may also contact our Board HR Liaison Marcia Worthing (, or Gina Gibney (, via email, in person, or by calling 646-837-6809

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

With care,

Gina Gibney Signature