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Week of July 13, 2020
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Community Action Update
April 2019

April 2019 Community Action Update

Community Action is at the forefront of activating the arts to address social justice issues.

The growing roster of programming brings a range of social issues in the spotlight, with a focus on gender-based violence and its prevention. As a result, Gibney ignites dialogue, raises awareness, and forges long-lasting partnerships with community organizations.

Check out what we’ve been up to this month below!

hands are for holding

Hands are for Holding is an in-school arts education assembly and residency program that inspires discussion and raises awareness around healthy relationships and bullying prevention.

  • This month, Gibney’s Community Actionists facilitated12 assemblies in schools throughout the five boroughs.
  • Hands are for Holding is offered in partnership with Day One and Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence.

“Hands are for Holding provides socio-emotional learning for students in a powerful and engaging way. Students are exposed to themes relevant to their lives through a dance performance that explores positive relationships.” – Megan Minturn, Dance Teacher at Brooklyn International High School

GDC Community Action Workshop

Move to Move Beyond

Move to Move Beyond offers workshops in local domestic violence shelters using movement to empower survivors while on their journey to healthier futures.

  • In March, Gibney offered 35 workshops in domestic violence shelters.
  • Earlier this winter, we were excited to offer staff workshops to four new partners: Girls for Gender Equity, The Center for Anti-Violence Education, The Met Council and Arab-American Family Support Center.

There was something very amazing about the movement. It made me realize it is part of daily life and it is actually with you. With the right sort of exposure or guidance, you are able to function in terms of wellness and overall well-being.” – Workshop Participant

Moving Toward Justice

Moving Toward Justice offers initiatives to support and mobilize diverse artists as activists both on and off the stage, with generous support from the Bay and Paul Foundations.

  • The Moving Toward Justice Cohort is a structured, 8-month program which provides six artists or collectives with mentorship, support, and a stipend for the development of an artistic project committed to activating social change.
  • The members of the inaugural Moving Toward Justice Cohort are Nana Chinara, Parijat Desai, Kevin Gotkin, Kris Grey and Maya Ciarrocchi, Kayhan Irani, and Antonio Ramos.
Upcoming Events
Movement at the Border - Yasemin Ozumerzifon facilitates a workshop

Director of Community Action, Yasemin Ozumerzifon, and Senior Company Director, Amy Miller, recently traveled to El Paso, Texas, near the border with Juárez, Mexico, to connect with local artists and activists across borders.

They led workshops at the University of Texas, El Paso; Center of Hope, an organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking; the El Paso library and more.