Renter Spotlight: Amber Sloan - Gibney
Week of August 5, 2020
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Renter Spotlight: Amber Sloan

On a normal day, Gibney’s 23 studios are a bustling artistic nexus. We love walking down the hallway and seeing different artists, different projects, and different communities making each space their own. We are missing that feeling, and want to find a way to share it with you.

We’ve asked a group of renters whose rehearsals, showings, workshops, and events have been postponed or suspended to give us a glimpse of what they’re working on, share the ways we can support them right now, and tell us what the first thing they’ll do is once they’re back in the studio.

The first thing we’ll do? Close our eyes, feel the floor supporting us, and take a deep breath of gratitude.


“I long to be IN the same space as others…”

Who are you?
Amber Sloan is a New York City based choreographer, performer and teacher. Prior to the shutdown, Sloan was rehearsing a solo piece, XXXX, in anticipation of a tour to The Dance Hall in Kittery, ME. In addition, she and her dancers planned to perform On the Edge of Normal at the EstroGenius Festival and tour the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Hopefully, all performances and tours will be rescheduled for later dates. As the recipient of the 2020 Emerging Commissioned New Jersey Choreographer for Dance on the Lawn, she was developing new material for a work that is slated to premiere September 12 in Montclair, NJ. The creation process hasn’t ceased and continues with her fellow dancers via videoconference. In this time when art is more critical than ever she welcomes you to view a showing of the piece-in-progress here.

How can we support you right now? 



What is your favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studios?
I have so many wonderful memories but one that makes me smile is when Michael C. Hall burst into our studio mistakenly thinking that’s where his rehearsal was.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the studio?
I long to be in the same space as others, make physical contact, get sweaty, look each another in the eyes, share laughter, and make art together.

What is the first thing you will do when you are back in the studio?
Hug the dancers for an awkwardly long time. Then, get back to work. 

Photos by Yi-Chun-Wu.