Renter Spotlight: Dancers Unlimited - Gibney
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Renter Spotlight: Dancers Unlimited

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On a normal day, Gibney’s 23 studios are a bustling artistic nexus. We love walking down the hallway and seeing different artists, different projects, and different communities making each space their own. We are missing that feeling, and want to find a way to share it with you.

We’ve asked a group of renters whose rehearsals, showings, workshops, and events have been postponed or suspended to give us a glimpse of what they’re working on, share the ways we can support them right now, and tell us what the first thing they’ll do is once they’re back in the studio.

The first thing we’ll do? Close our eyes, feel the floor supporting us, and take a deep breath of gratitude.

RENTER SPOTLIGHT: Dancers Unlimited

“I am most looking forward to take that big leap and turn and fall into the floor without knocking over furniture!”

Who are you?
Dancers Unlimited is a bi-coastal company based in NYC and Hawai’i.  DU creates authentic moveMEANT narratives for community advancement.  E/motions is a re-work of the original choreography created in 2017.  The work explores the emotional wellness and the importance of being connected with ourselves. Interestingly, this work has become a reflection point for us as we go through the ups and downs of reconnecting with ourselves while social distancing. 

How can we support you right now?
Check out online offerings on and follow us on social media @dunyc.hi and our merchandise brand @ProfessionalHUEman.

What is your favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studios?
My favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studio was when we had an intense 5-hour open rehearsal right after Christmas last year. Our company dancers got a little restless during Christmas break, so we decided to schedule an impromptu rehearsal to train each other in different dance styles. The act of dancing together for the sake of dancing was just beautiful. 

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the studio?
I am most looking forward to take that big leap and turn and fall into the floor without knocking over furniture!

What is the first thing you will do when you are back in the studio?
The first thing I will do is to say thank you to the floor, walls, my dancers and everyone at Gibney.