Renter Spotlight: i KADA Contemporary Dance Company - Gibney
Week of August 5, 2020
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Renter Spotlight: i KADA Contemporary Dance Company

On a normal day, Gibney’s 23 studios are a bustling artistic nexus. We love walking down the hallway and seeing different artists, different projects, and different communities making each space their own. We are missing that feeling, and want to find a way to share it with you.

We’ve asked a group of renters whose rehearsals, showings, workshops, and events have been postponed or suspended to give us a glimpse of what they’re working on, share the ways we can support them right now, and tell us what the first thing they’ll do is once they’re back in the studio.

The first thing we’ll do? Close our eyes, feel the floor supporting us, and take a deep breath of gratitude.

RENTER SPOTLIGHT: i KADA Contemporary Dance Company


“Gibney’s studios ARE always packed with creative energy that inspires/motivates us to work hard.”

Who are you?
i KADA Contemporary Dance Company was formed in September 2011 in New York City. The “KADA” in the company name stands for Korean American Dance Association. We are a contemporary dance company focusing on cultural exchange through the arts. While our focus is dance, we also fuse visual arts, music, painting and photography into our shows and festivals. Our annual festival is called the “KoDaFe in NYC” which stands for Korean Dance Festival. All shows and festivals have a specific theme attached to the works and is where the cultural exchange between artists, choreographers, and dancers are united. Having artists from all over the world, the exchange of culture and styles has led us to take a bigger step towards fulfilling our company’s vision. As we continue to grow, we will strive to create dance works of extraordinary artistry that deliver positive messages and life enriching experiences for all.

How can we support you right now?
Donate to i KADA at

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Instagram: @

What is your favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studios?
Our favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studios is the environment. Throughout the day, you see dancers sweating and working hard to achieve an amazing performance. Gibney’s studios are always packed with creative energy that inspires/motivates us to work hard

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the studio?
As an artist, it was a norm for us to be in the studio almost daily. However, due to the impact of the virus, we now truly realize that we appreciate being in the studio, using the facilities, dancing together, as well as even just having a space much more. Therefore, we are looking forward to appreciating everything the studios have to offer to us.

What is the first thing you will do when you are back in the studio?
The first thing to be done would be to hug my company dancers as I realize that I appreciate them greatly.