*Featuring visual art from our ‘Making Space’ exhibition: Laura Bartczak’s laurel II; Bianca Boragi’s Rapunzel, Wrong Track Rink, & Sandbar; Melanie Carr’s Pink Ramp; Murphy Chang’s Mirror; Kristen Coburn’s Head Turner; Rossana Martinez’s Between Two Lungs; and Joseph Morris’ Serpentine Breath.

Construction Updates

This phase of construction is nearing completion! We presented the first performance in the new Studio C last month and are excited to continue making use of the new lighting grid throughout our spring performance season. The public kitchenette is up and running with a brand new floor and microwave, sink, and refrigerator available for use. Stay tuned for more updates this spring!

NYC’s Premier Center for Contemporary Dance

In January 2014, Gibney Dance announced that we would be expanding from our dance center at 890 Broadway to an additional space in Lower Manhattan, the historic 280 Broadway Building. We’ve been renovating the spaces for the past few months. Phase 1 of renovations, which began in March, included surface-level fixes to make the space better equipped to serve the dance community before embarking on more extensive construction. Phase 2 began in mid-June and includes the creation of an all-new, high-tech lab on the ground floor, as well as a large studio theater plus an additional studio on the second floor.

When renovations are complete, the space will boast eight rehearsal studios, three of which double as performance spaces, as well as an art gallery, Community Action Hub, Learning and Leadership Studio, Digital Technology Workroom, kitchen, and catering galley. We cannot wait to offer our full roster of classes, performances, and community events in these spaces!

We offer our sincere thanks to those who have generously supported our expansion to 280 Broadway: New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, The Agnes Varis Trust, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the New York Community Trust, the Booth Ferris Foundation and our landlord, Fram Realty.

280 Broadway has been an important home for dance for almost a decade, and we plan to carry it into the future.

Serving the Dance Community

Upon announcing we would be taking over the 280 Broadway space, Gibney Dance set up an online Community Idea Portal where dance community members could present ideas and questions to guide us as we set about making more space for dance. We also held a series of Community Forums, inviting the dance community to participate in open discussions on various topics that guided our decisions in the new space.

Check out some ideas posted in our Community Idea Portal:

I loved the gallery space in the old DNA, and enjoyed getting to see performance-related visual art there. I’d love it if that aspect remained a part of the new space, perhaps with broader outreach to visual artists exploring movement/performance themes rather than just performance makers exploring the visual medium.

There was a time when one could access the media lab at the prior Dance Theater Workshop to get assistance and resources in creating and implementing digital solutions for both the back end and live presentation of dance development for artists, their projects and their budding organizations. The lab was replete with a number of computer work stations, with the required peripherals, and was staffed by a knowledgable artist who could straddle both worlds of the technologist and the artist/arts manager.