An Overture, for Weed Heart

September 6, 2016

by Katy Chappellie

Posted in Center Community Action People Performance

What is a weed heart? Is it a thing, a way of being, a sense of earthly compassion, an appendage, a transplant? Is it an organ with the power to heal us or something that beats out our existence? In Jill Sigman’s practice, it has been an intermedia of readymades, communal meals, public conversations, small … continue reading »

A Note from Jill Sigman, Community Action Artist in Residence

August 12, 2016

by Julia Vickers

Posted in Center Community Action People Performance

Some Thoughts About Weed Heart Jill Sigman Weed Heart is a sprawling project that merges installation, social practice, and performance. It is being supported by a commission from Gibney Dance Center and a Community Action Artist Residency, the first of its kind, at Gibney Dance. Residency activities began in Spring 2016 and the dance will premiere … continue reading »

Colleagues in Conversation: Nia Love

April 28, 2016

by Julia Vickers

Posted in Center People Performance

Colleagues in Conversation invites dance artists to ponder the past and future of the form, particularly as it relates to women in the field. Ursula Eagly, Patricia Hoffbauer, and Nia Love present three nights of performance-panels May 5-7 that take wildly different approaches to the question of ‘what it takes’ to make dances as a female-identifying … continue reading »