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DEEP Session #1: Get a Job

For the first session of DEEP, we invited 6 dance artists to share the nitty-gritty details of their careers: how they found a job, how they make it work, and why it is the right choice for them. In this job fair style session, participants were able to ask individual dancers about their work in personal and safe setting.

The Dance/NYC Junior Committee shared an in-depth recap of the session on their Blog, here → 

  • Patch Schwadron (pschwadron@actorsfund.org) is the Career Counselor at Actors Fund. If you are not familiar with the Actors Fund, take a look at their website, upcoming events and joining their mailing list.
    • “Artist as Entrepreneur” is a series of workshops available through the Actors Fund that can help assist the process of running your own business or dance company.
    • She also recommend going through the list of words in the document, “How to Write a Winning Resume” and checking the qualities you have and marking the ones you like using on your resume.
    • If you would one-on-one consultations at the Actors Fund, you can email Patch or the Dance Counselor, Catherine Drury (cdrury@actorsfund.org).
  • Alex Beaty (dancinggingeralex@gmail.com) shared how she was able to make her many interests into a health portfolio of work as a cook, blogger, yoga, Pilates, and CrossFit instructor.
  • Score NYC is a resource to get free business advice and mentorship.

DEEP Session #2: Get a Career

Author and arts advocate Andrew Simonet (Making Your Life as an Artist), and Brooklyn based artist Kate Watson-Wallace hosted the second session of DEEP. Participants identified their goals for the coming years, and action steps to making these goals a reality. The discussion focused on methods for identifying and prioritizing personal, long-term artistic goals when building a career.


Download and read a free PDF of Andrew Simonet’s book, Making Your Life as an Artist: http://www.artistsu.org/making/#.V5phCJMrIn0

2017 Panelist Contacts

  • Advice from our panelists:
    • Don’t be afraid of the uncomfortable
    • Fail
    • Show up, be present
    • Opportunity
    • Be open to what presents itself
  • The Actors Fund is a great organization committed to performing artists including dancers. They have lots of great resources available for artists. Here is a link to regarding more about managing your dance career and to sign up for more information and workshops.
  • Xan also mentioned you can find possible funding options and grants for your art through the Foundation Center.

DEEP Session #3: Get Your Way

In this session on negotiations, Gina Gibney, Jen Abrams of OurGoods, and Emily Schoen of Schoen Movement Company shared how they make the process of the negotiating money, time, and other resources work for both them and their collaborators. We also discussed the benefits of Fiscal Sponsorship, and organizations in New York City that provide this service.


  • Check out Dancers Compact. Our Founder, Gina Gibney, and many others have contributed to this document which details standards and values one must consider as a dancer and choreographer.
  • NYC Organizations that provide fiscal sponsorship services: The Field, Pentacle, Fractured Atlas, New York Foundation for the Arts, and New York Live Arts.
  • If you needed legal assistance about contracts, check out Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts! They also have a calendar of events and workshops happening throughout the year.
  • Communities to check out: OurGoods and WOW Cafe.

DEEP Session #4: Get an Apartment

Finding affordable housing in NYC can feel impossible. In this session, we shared share tips, red flags, and market trends that will help you make more informed decisions before your next move.


  • Kaley Pruitt is a real estate agent with Bohemia Realty and shared insight on renting and buying. Since dancers usually have multiple income streams, she stressed the importance of having documentation proof of your income, tax returns, letters of employment, etc. If you have any questions about renting and purchasing in NYC or entering a real estate career, Kaley can be contacted at kaley@bohemiarealtygroup.com.

DEEP Session #5: Get Healthy

This session focused on three major touchstones of a healthy life: health insurance, affordable self-care resources, and organizations that provide emergency services.


  • If there are any questions regarding health insurance (such as finding a health plan that works for you), contact Catherine from the Actors Fund as they have a plethora of resources available for dancers. Her email is ccalhoun@actorsfund.org.
  • The National Health Directory provides a network of recommended doctors and health professionals. Check out the current list in NYC here.
  • The Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic provides free healthcare for uninsured to all entertainment professionals. Schedule an appointment by calling (212) 489-1939.
  • Leigh Schanfein and, more recently, Alison Deleget shared about the research, education and clinical care provided through Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. Plan your visit for orthopedic, physical therapy, free injury prevention assessment and other services by calling 212-598-6054 or emailing harkness@nyumc.org. Financial assistance is available, read more here. Alison is also happy to answer any questions about Harkness and can be reached through her email leslie.deleget@nyumc.org.
  • George Russell is a body movement specialist and chiropractor with his own facility. He shared tips on the ball and socket joints of the body by working on releasing the hip and shoulder joints with a yoga belt or a partner. If you would like to schedule a visit, he can be reached at george@georgerusselldc.com.
  • Gabbi Berkow is a certified nutritionist who shared the importance of healthy eating and a substantial diet for dancers. Her two golden rules are:
    • Combine a healthy carb, 20-40g of protein and a healthy fat every time you eat
    • Eat every 3-4 hours
  • If you would like to request special meal plans or be in contact with any questions for Gabbi, she can be reached at gabbi.berkow@gmail.com.

DEEP Session #6: Get Stable

How do you plan for the future when you’re living month-to-month? In this DEEP session we discussed the first steps on financial planning and shared resources for managing financial goals.


  • Jaime Kight (jmk03g@gmail.com) of the Doris Duke Performing Artists Awards started the evening with some personal questions about how we approach our finances, especially living in NYC. Download the PDF to see the questionnaire, goals sheet, and a plethora of resources she recommends. View the PDF →
  • Simple budgeting tips:
    • Calculate your monthly income (total paychecks from last 1-3 months)
    • Identify expense categories
    • Determine dollar amount per category
    • Track everything!
  • Julian Schubach from ODI Financial gave a presentation on Retirement planning. It was a great reminder of how starting young (even with a small amount), can do wonders accumulating over the years. View the presentation →
  • Monisha Khadse from Ernst & Young gave a presentation on Taxes & Insurance. View the presentation →