Our white-walled exhibition space creates a rare opportunity to reframe the dialogue between the fields of visual arts and dance. Located in the atrium of our performing arts center, it allows audiences and viewers to look at visual art from a performing arts standpoint. Past exhibitions have ranged from explorations of personal and social identity to investigations of a particular form, and the gallery is continuously posing the question: what does it mean to present visual art work in a dance context?

All exhibitions are FREE and open to the public.

    Current Exhibition

  • Claire Fleury: underpants in space
    November 15 - December 17, 2017

    Showcasing the costumes of performer, fashion designer and costumer Claire Fleury with photos and video by Alesia Exum, underpants in space presents Fleury’s bold, colorful point of view which has been sought out by performers, dancers, and nightlife personalities alike  in New York City and beyond. Fleury’s clothing and costumes are seen “as an art, not to cover up or hide , but to collaborate and enhance the beauty and expression of the body and the person already present. To keep the dressed naked and the naked dressed.”