Our white-walled exhibition space creates a rare opportunity to reframe the dialogue between the fields of visual arts and dance. Located in the atrium of our performing arts center, it allows audiences and viewers to look at visual art from a performing arts standpoint. Past exhibitions have ranged from explorations of personal and social identity to investigations of a particular form, and the gallery is continuously posing the question: what does it mean to present visual art work in a dance context?

All exhibitions are FREE and open to the public.

    Current Exhibition

    October 9 - November 3, 2017

    Showcasing the work of The Door – A Center of Alternatives, BECOMING furthers Gibney Dance’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) engagement by asking: What makes a healthy community? How do we become who we want to be in the world? How is our inner world portrayed outwardly? These works were made by the clients of The Door under the guidance of Elizaveta Gaglio (Art Therapist MA.)

    The Door is New York City’s premiere organization serving at-risk young people ages 12-24 in an integrated setting. Their nationally-recognized model transforms the lives of 10,000 teens and young adults every year, providing free and confidential programs including arts and recreation, an adolescent health center, career and education services, a legal services center, and more. All of which can be accessed by any young person under one roof in lower Manhattan.