Choreographies of Leadership Training

Rooted in ‘choreographing’ at any moment, Miller’s workshops focus on our shared personal and interpersonal responsibilities to lead ourselves as we lead others. Inspired by work regarding ‘flow state’, this dialogue unpacks a ‘Living Leadership Framework’ aimed at resensitizing us to our own needs as a vital first move toward supporting others. As ‘flow state’ is navigating toward an optimal balance between structure and freedom, we use regulating tools to ‘get back in the flow’ when immobilized by the overwhelm of choice, or the apathy from excessive structure. How can we offer ourselves and our students ways to find more structure or freedom when needed, so we can all find more ease? How can the historically held hierarchies between choreographer and dancer we all know so well be softened in favor of dovetailing all our areas of expertise as the ‘new choreography’ in front of us all? 

The workshops ‘move ideas’ through collaborative discussion guided by an initial offering of the infographic ‘Living Leadership Framework.’ It will offer leadership principles that could be translated to any class, workshop, meeting or discussion etc.

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