Afro Cuban Explosión!
with La Mora and Guest Artists
Sundays (ongoing starting January 8)
2:30 – 4:00 pm

Celebrate the rich diversity of Afro-Cuban dance in this very special class with beloved teacher Danys ‘La Mora’ Perez and guest artists. Explore an exciting range of traditional folkloric dances with origins in West and Central Africa – some via Haiti. Featured cultures include Yoruba (Orisha dances), Congo (e.g. Palo) and Dahomey (e.g. Arará). The class will also delve into Rumba and popular styles such as comparsa and merengue. Some sessions will be taught by La Mora; others by guest teachers selected personally by La Mora for their artistry and knowledge of Cuban dance. Join us as we light up the dance floor on fire with Cuban heat!

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  • Danys “La Mora” Pérez

    Danys “La Mora” Pérez is a master of Afro-Cuban folkloric dance from Santiago de Cuba, and has special expertise in the unique styles of her native region of Oriente province. La Mora was a member of Cuba’s national folkloric ballet company, Cutumba, for 18 years, and was granted the designation of primera bailarina and primera profesora by the National Dance Commission of Cuba. She is the founder and artistic director of Oyu Oro Afro-Cuban Experimental Dance Ensemble in New York City. Along with her expertise, La Mora will introduce you to a number of other master dancers and teachers straight from Cuba.