Therapeutic Pilates Mat for Dancers
Mondays & Fridays / 2:45 – 4:00 pm

Often dancers suffer through chronic to acute injuries that are preventable. In this 75 min class, teacher trainers from the Kane School and Kinected will address common faulty biomechanics from the plié to the passé to jumping. This class will incorporate exercises that will rectify faulty mechanics, restoring you for your next show or strengthening you for that next tour. Additionally, home care exercises will be covered as well that you can take on the road.


  • Lauren Alzamora

    Lauren Alzamora studied ballet and modern dance at the UNC School of the Arts. She has danced professionally with Ballet Tech, Battery Dance Company, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Ballet Hispanico.  She is also Pilates certified through the Kane School of Core Integration where she is now a Teacher Trainer.  Lauren has taught dance conditioning at the Ballet Hispanico school and also teaches at Westside Dance Physical Therapy and Kinected Center (home of the Kane School). She views contemporary Pilates as excellent cross-training and injury prevention for almost any movement discipline but especially for dance.

  • Anna Vollmar

    Anna Vollmar is a dance and Pilates instructor in NYC. She has performed on many stages all over NYC, Dublin, and Monterrey, MX. She has taught at professional studios in Milan, Florence, and Paris, as well as BDC and Peridance in NY, and is on faculty for Pushing Progress educational programs. She was a jazz instructor at Western Michigan University for a time.

    She is certified in Pilates from the Kane School of Core Integration and is a Teacher Trainer for the school. She is trained with information in anatomy, biomechanics, touch therapy, and specializes in working with dancers.