Soulful and intricate, the dances of Mali, West Africa can enhance your artistry in any dance form. Class begins with a warm-up that is designed to improve flexibility, strengthen the core, improve stamina, and get acquainted with Malian music. The second part of the class starts with a brief history and context of the dances (that will inform your execution of the movements) and continues with an extensive breakdown of technique. Then, you’ll practice what you’ve learned as you move across the floor, accompanied by music from some of the world’s most talented musicians.

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  • Darian Parker

    Dr. Darian Marcel Parker is a choreographer, author, and entrepreneur who has presented work at venues such as Riverside Theater, Harlem Stage, Triskelion Arts, and York College. He produced and was one of the choreographers of “The Power of the Unknown—An Evening of Choreography,” which debuted in January of 2016. He has been awarded the Jerome Foundation Travel Grant to study music and dance in Mali, the Harlem Stage Fund for New Work, and the New Haven Arts Council Mayor’s Grant. His show credits include the Hollywood film “Step-Up 3D,” the G’Bassikolo Mexican National Tour, the Fats Waller National Tour, Dance Africa Chicago, and Dance Africa New York. Dr. Parker has also worked with various dance companies, including Les Ballet de Kouman Kele (Nzingha Camara), Sewee African Dance Company (Mouminatou Camara), Harambee Dance Company (Sandella Malloy), Kouffin Keneke African Dance Company (Aly Tatchol Camara), and Organic Magnetics (Maija Garcia). He has served on the faculties of Forces of Nature Dance Theatre’s Youth Arts Academy, Harlem School of the Arts, Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy, and Inner Visions Dance Studio as a Malian and Guinean dance instructor.