With Live Drumming. Learn different types of rumba, including guaguancó, yambu, columbia and rumbas mimeticas. Students will learn the relationship between the dance and the music, so that they learn to dance inside the timing. The origins, significance and context of rumba will also be explained for a deeper understanding and expressiveness. A focused warm-up will help students develop the distinctive movement style that is characteristic of Afro-Cuban dance.

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  • Stevie Insua

    Stevie Insua is an electrifying performer and an engaging and patient teacher of students at all levels. He is skilled in rumba, Afro-Cuban folkloric dance, and popular dances from Cuba and Latin America like mambo and son. He also has an extensive knowledge of Afro-Cuban percussion and song.
    Stevie graduated from Escuela Nacional de Arte, Cuba’s most prestigious performing arts conservatory, and performed with Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba in Cuba and internationally. Stevie lived and taught in Italy for 10 years before relocating to New York. His father was the legendary rumbero and Afro-Cuban dancer Felix Pupy Insua.