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Week of July 15, 2020
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Community Action Residencies

Community Action Residencies
Gibney Community Action’s methods are shared around the world through Global Community Action Residencies

Community Action Residencies (CARs) seamlessly blend artistry and outreach. By combining performance engagements with opportunities to learn about our program model, residencies provide local organizations with powerful tools for impacting their local community.

Community Action works hand-in- hand with dance companies, universities, and social service organizations to design a program that is effective, compelling and specifically adapted to the host nation’s culture and concerns.

To date, Global CAR has partnered with artists and organizations in Gisenyi, Rwanda; Montreal, Canada; Istanbul, Turkey; Cape Town, South Africa; Stockholm, Sweden; Yerevan, Armenia and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Community Action Residencies
Residency Activities

Gibney Company offers richly textured choreography by Founder Gina Gibney and renowned guest choreographers, performed by a stunning company of dancers. Ms. Gibney’s work, praised by The New York Times for its “great intelligence and almost literary sensitivity,” is characterized by intricately crafted movement episodes with a sense of deep connection and emotional inevitability.

The Residency Performance Component may include:

  • Dance master classes
  • Informal showings
  • Public performances of Company repertory

Gibney Company is an established leader in using movement and creativity to reach new demographics in local communities. Our extensive experience includes work with domestic violence survivors, youth-at-risk, and people affected by HIV/AIDS. The Community component of our residencies is designed to share our expertise with local dancers, encourage them to use the arts to empower those in need, and help them forge partnerships with local social service organizations.

The Residency Community Component may include:

  • Panel discussions
  • Sample Movement Workshops
  • Learning about the issue of domestic violence
  • Sensitization training to work with specific populations
  • Technical assistance in program and partnership development
  • Lecture-demonstrations for social service organizations and community partners
Global CAR
Where We've Been

Gibney has held past Global CARs in Gisenyi, Rwanda; Montreal, Canada; Istanbul, Turkey; Cape Town, South Africa; Stockholm, Sweden; Yerevan, Armenia; and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

More information coming soon.

Host a CAR

Gibney is always seeking new partnerships with organizations from different parts of the world. If you are interested in creating a partnership and would like more information about our residencies, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.