Known as Artistic Associates, members of Gibney Dance Company are engaging the community through Advocacy Fellowships and serving as advocates for pressing issues in the dance field to cultivate long term diversity within the dance community, to create accessibility to the arts, to connect artists both locally and internationally, and to empower artists with leadership and financial literacy training.

Advocacy Fellowships

AmyMiller-pageAssociate Artistic Director Amy Miller: “For my advocacy fellowship, I am focusing on dance-mobile, our ongoing series of free outdoor performances in parks and public spaces throughout New York City. Another way of “making space for dance,” Gibney Dance hopes to raise awareness of the power of movement by expanding past our walls and increasing access to the larger community. From partnerships with Brooklyn Bridge Park, Fort Greene Park, Greenwich House and others, this platform increases the visibility Gibney Dance Company and offers a chance for the public to learn more about the entire organization’s wide range of programming including world-class training, presentation series, social justice advocacy and professional development for artists. As we make the case for the increasing relevancy of the arts in society, opportunities for the public to engage face to face with diverse artists in untraditional settings can be a catalyst for expanding the notion of artists as leaders, connectors and agents of change in our world.”

NigelCampbell-pageNigel Campbell: “For my advocacy fellowship, I hope to aid in cultivating greater long term diversity within the dance community through strategic development and partnership with the MOVE(NYC) summer dance intensive. MOVE(NYC)‘s rigorous, tuition free intensive is geared exclusively towards gifted and motivated New York City teenagers and prioritizes students who possess the requisite talent to achieve a sustainable careers in the dance field, but may lack the economic empowerment to realize their full potential. Dance is an art form that can touch people at the very cores of their being; the more diverse the field is, the more stories we can tell. The more stories we can tell, the more people we can ultimately reach.”

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Kassandra_HeadshotKassandra Cruz: “I have been fortunate to have had, and continue to have, incredible role models and mentors who have impacted my artistic career. For my Advocacy Fellowship I will focus on fostering the creative and professional development of young dancers through personal and individualized mentorships. The program will partner emerging dancers with an established artist or administrator in the Gibney Dance Community, for a one-on-one mentorship. The mentor will be carefully selected to fit the mentee’s points of interests and desired skills. This pilot program will help build connections, provide guidance and open up opportunities for aspiring dancers. In addition, we will provide access to the multitude of programs available at Gibney Dance. We will prioritize talented artists between the ages of 18-21; of diverse backgrounds who are traditionally underserved and economically disadvantaged.”

DevinOshiro-pageDevin Oshiro: “For my advocacy fellowship, I am supporting Gibney Dance’s Dancer’s Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP), which is in the early research stages of identifying the vulnerabilities dancers face in their career timeline. By creating discussion focus groups and exploring the current resources available, this program will address how to better equip dancers to make sound decisions for themselves in regards to financial conditions and self-management tools. Gibney Dance is the perfect vehicle for this program due to the many dancers who walk through the Center’s doors every day.”

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BrandonWelch-pageBrandon Welch: “The goal of my advocacy fellowship is to create an online platform that will facilitate exchanges between artists who are passionate about social justice projects that center around the power of dance. Beginning with previous participants of Gibney Dance’s Global Community Action Residency (Global CAR), my aim is transform the Global CAR program into a global network where artists can share ideas, offer feedback, establish partnerships, and cultivate supporters.”