Since its founding in 1991, Gibney Dance Company has developed a repertory of over thirty works that have been performed throughout the US and abroad. Gibney is known for using dynamic, weighted movement, and partnering to craft interpersonal dynamics between the dancers, reflecting the dancers’ experience as community activists.

Our Artistic Associates perform and present various performance series throughout the year, featuring the work of Artistic Director Gina Gibney and guest choreographers. The Company performs in dance-mobile, our annual outdoor series, and GRIT, our repertory program, and presents the annual Gibney Dance Company Curated Performance, which invites diverse choreographers who share the values of the Company’s unique model to share work at Gibney Dance.

Gibney Repertory Initiative for Tomorrow

Gibney Repertory Initiative for Tomorrow (GRIT) “makes space for the future of dance” by commissioning new works and reimagining signature works by contemporary dance artists for Gibney Dance Company.

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dance-mobile is an annual series of free outdoor performances, classes, and talks in parks throughout the city.

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Gibney Dance Company-Curated

This performance series ‘makes space’ for entrepreneurial artists who are using their craft to amplify the relevancy of the dance community and position dancers as influential citizens in the world.

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  • Folding In
    Fall 2016

    Folding In, Gina Gibney’s newest evening length work, is a meditation on the cycle of extension, resolution, and return. The work exposes the natural state of the body and how it seeks inevitable but unknowable endings. This piece premiered November 2016 and features music from Icelandic cellist Hildur Guõnadóttir.

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  • Duet

    Duet is an intimate reflection on Gina’s Gibney’s past work. This evening-length contains movement conversations drawing from Gibney’s previous works, beginning with Landings (1992) and extending to Folding In (2016).

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  • Dividing Line

    Dividing Line is an investigation of points of no return, set within physically charged but concurrently contained spatial boundaries. This evening length work features a score composed by long-time collaborator Ryan Lott/Son Lux performed live by a string quartet.

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  • Concrete Mécanique

    concrete mécanique examines the politics of the body separate from its social context and explores movement as a vehicle for communication and physical interaction.

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  • View Partially Obstructed

    View Partially Obstructed delves into the subjective nature of perception and our struggle to create a full view of ourselves, others, and the world, despite having incomplete or distorted information.

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  • The Distance Between Us

    The Distance Between Us explores how we come to understand — or at least come to terms with — others and ourselves.

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  • Unbounded

    Called “quietly startling” by The New York Times, unbounded examines the human will to connect to, struggle with, and even cling to the familiar, while at the same time seeking answers in the unknowable.

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  • Thrown

    Thrown is a dance about disruption and unpredictability. It examines our yearning for stability: If we are constantly “thrown,” how do we find our equilibrium?

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  • Time Remaining

    Inspired by an image of ancient temple ruins overtaken by entangled vines, Time Remaining is a meditation on and celebration of time. The work contrasts past and present, urgency and calm to explore the power of time to both erode and renew.

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