Dividing Line – Florence Gould Hall – Excerpt 1

Dividing Line is an investigation of points of no return, set within physically charged but concurrently contained spatial boundaries.  This new evening length work features a score composed by long-time collaborator Ryan Lott/Son Lux performed live by a string quartet.

Premiered at Florence Gould Hall in November 2013

  • 55 minute-work for six dancers
  • Composer: Ryan Lott/Son Lux
  • Live music: ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble)
  • Original Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann
  • Costumes: David C. Woolard


Dividing Line challenges Gibney’s talented six-member company to test the extremes of their dance powers as they play with intricate lines of identity, time, place and emotion. The dynamically textured score, created by Gibney’s longtime genius collaborator, musician and composer Son Lux, unforgettably defines their efforts.

— Christine Jowers, Dance Enthusiast


Dividing Line… makes its mark. With this hour-plus work, Gibney roars back onto her stage.

— Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody