Duet – Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center

Gina Gibney invites audiences into an intimate reflection on her past work in Duet, a sequence of restaged and reimagined works positioned throughout 280 Broadway’s smallest and most unusual spaces. These movement conversations are drawn from evening-length works beginning with Landings (1992) and extending to Folding In (2016). This limited seating program will reshape these duos for the company’s current dancers.

Duet premiered March 23, 2016.

  • Performed by: Natsuki Arai, Nigel Campbell, Alexeya Eyma-Manderson, Amy Miller,
    Devin Oshiro, Brandon Welch
  • Lighting: Asami Morita

    Duet presents the nature and intimacy of coupled movement as expected, but 280 Broadway conjures new possibilities to experience these works from an architectural lens. Dance can exist within a building, but something marvelous happens when it becomes part of the building.

    -Melanie Greene, Dance Enthusiast