The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us explores how we come to understand — or at least come to terms with — others and ourselves.

Premiered at Ailey Citigroup Theater in November 2007.

  • Evening-length work for six dancers
  • Composer: Ryan Lott/Son Lux
  • Scenic Design: Lex Liang
  • Costumes: Naoko Nagata
  • Original Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann

The Distance Between Us is a subtle discourse on the emotional ebbs and flows between people, especially women, in an hour of meticulous, flowing beauty. —  Quinn Batson, OffOffOff, 2007

Gina Gibney’s The Distance Between Us is flat-out gorgeous… Distance, like Gibney’s 2005 Unbounded, occurs in a place of beauty, inhabited by strong, beautiful women. In her company’s Domestic Violence Project, Gibney has done pioneering work with traumatized women through dance. The uplifting qualities in The Distance Between Us surely mirror those that are stressed in that project: self-confidence, trust of others who are worthy, freedom, strength, and resilience. — Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice, 2007