Thrown – The Duke on 42nd Street Theater

Thrown is a dance about disruption and unpredictability. It examines our yearning for stability: If we are constantly “thrown,” how do we find our equilibrium?

Premiered at The Duke on 42nd Street in February 2004.

  • Evening-length work for six dancers
  • Composer: Andy Russ
  • Costumes: Naoko Nagata
  • Original Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann

Gina Gibney’s dances are polished to a tantalizing sheen like semiprecious stones… Amid the cascading shapes and flowing lines to which her dancers seem well attuned, Gibney is the last choreographer one would expect to get caught up in disorder, instability and disorientation. But there she is, having just completed Thrown, a work that pushes her six elegant dancers to their limits and beyond. — Lisa Traiger, The Washington Post, 2004