Inspired by an image of ancient temple ruins overtaken by entangled vines, Time Remaining is a meditation on and celebration of time. The work contrasts past and present, urgency and calm to explore the power of time to both erode and renew.

Co-commissioned by Danspace Project and DANCECleveland and premiered at Danspace Project in October 2002.

  • Evening-length work for seven dancers
  • Composer: Kitty Brazelton
  • Scenic Design: Normal Group for Architecture
  • Costumes: Naoko Nagata
  • Original Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann

Which came first? The music? The dance? The costumes, sets or lighting? It’s impossible to tell in Time Remaining, an evening-length work so intelligently conceived and smoothly woven that all theatrical elements coalesce in a seamless fabric of movement, sound, texture and color.  — Wilma Salisbury, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2003

The dancers journeyed courageously through many choreographic seasons and times, and hearing the sound of their breath as they moved was like hearing the breath of life itself. — Jack Anderson, The New York Times, 2002