Unbounded – Danspace Project – Excerpt 3

Called “quietly startling” by The New York Timesunbounded examines the human will to connect to, struggle with, and even cling to the familiar, while at the same time seeking answers in the unknowable.

Commissioned by and premiered at Danspace Project in October 2005.

  • Evening-length work for five dancers
  • Composer: Ryan Lott
  • Costumes: Naoko Nagata
  • Original Lighting by: Kathy Kaufmann
  • Installation: Gina Gibney
  • Video: Anja Hitzenberger

Art that engages often creates its own world. That was the case with Gina Gibney’s new unbounded … Ms. Gibney has described the piece as an exploration of the tension between clinging to the familiar and reaching beyond to the unknowable. Her delicate, beautifully worked-out pieces have always seemed to juggle this fundamental duality of everyday life. — Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times, 2005