View Partially Obstructed -Excerpt 1

View Partially Obstructed delves into the subjective nature of perception and our struggle to create a full view of ourselves, others, and the world, despite having incomplete or distorted information.

Premiered at Baryshnikov Arts Center in October 2009.

  • Evening length work for five dancers
  • Composer: Ryan Lott/Son Lux
  • Scenic and Costume Design: Lex Liang
  • Live animation: superDraw/Joshue Ott
  • Original Lighting: Kathy Kaufmann

a totally fierce piece of dance that I would love to see again and again! — Dante Puleio, iDANZ

View Partially Obstructed is a world unto itself through a combination of lighting, music, projected video, moveable scrim panels and overlapping dance stories. This is a big piece in so many ways. — Quinn Batson,

Gina Gibney’s troupe has reconfigured… But one thing remains constant: her exacting aesthetics. You can still rely upon her keen eye and ear as well as the imaginative sweep of her collaboration with talented, ambitious colleagues… Along with Gibney’s smart, appealing quintet of dancers, these collaborators invite us to sink into a dynamic, sense saturated world for about an hour. — Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Dance Magazine