DEEP: Get Your Way - Gibney
Week of August 5, 2020
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DEEP: Get Your Way

Visa Program Tuition and Expenses

Facilitators: Kathy Westwater, Sydnie Mosley, Nigel Campbell

How do you advocate for yourself? What are other creative ways to compensate your collaborators? How do you ask for money? We’ll hear from Kathy Westwater, Sydnie Mosley and Nigel Campbell about how they address these questions.

About DEEP: Dancers’ Economic Empowerment Program
DEEP investigates the points in an artistic career where dancers most need support and provides opportunities for learning and skill-building through a series of free sessions. DEEP was developed by Gibney Dance Artistic Associate Devin Oshiro as an Advocacy Fellowship project. Advocacy Fellowships are projects initiated by Gibney Dance Company members which aim to engage the dance community and advocate for pressing issues in the field.

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