Gibney Dance Company Summer Intensive - Gibney
Week of July 2, 2020
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Gibney Dance Company Summer Intensive

Gibney Dance Company Summer Intensive

Enhance your technical ability, challenge your physical artistry, and learn company repertory by Gina Gibney, Bryan Arias, and Shannon Gillen in an Intensive led by GDC Co-Directors Nigel Campbell & Amy Miller.

The Intensive also includes professional development workshops designed to help participants develop entrepreneurial skills and build long-lasting, socially-conscious artistic careers.

The application is now closed. The 2019 GDC Intensive dates and details will be announced Winter 2019.


With an unrelenting focus on artistic excellence and social integrity, Gibney Dance Company co-creates an environment where dancers are activated towards their full artistic, entrepreneurial, and socially-minded selves through rigorous physical, intellectual, and interpersonal practices.

GDC’s full-time dancers, known as Artistic Associates, embrace a broad spectrum of activities—in the studio, on stage, within our organization, and throughout the community. GDC members perform the work of Founder Gina Gibney as well as internationally renowned guest choreographers; facilitate hundreds of movement workshops each year for survivors of intimate partner violence; and offer healthy relationship dance assemblies to high school students throughout the city. Additionally, each company member develops programming addressing pressing issues in the dance field, such as cultivating long-term diversity, connecting artists around the globe, and empowering dancers with financial literacy training.

GDC’s vision is to expand the current dance company model into one which acknowledges the many facets of expertise that dance artists offer our world. The uncompromising work ethic, creative problem-solving, and empathic negotiation implicit in successful dancing can create positive forward movement in the arts field and beyond. We see this comprehensive model as a way to not only cultivate the next leaders of the field, but to provide a concrete example of the wide-reaching relevancy of artists in our society.

Photos by Scott Shaw.

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