Soles of Duende

Jun 13, 2024, 7:30 pm EDT

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Can We Dance Here?

June 13-15 and June 20-22, 2024
The Theater (Studio H)
7:30 PM ET

General Admission: $25 + $2 fee
Groups 10+: $22.50 + fee
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In 2022, Soles of Duende–the self-described Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican from New Haven, Mexican Puerto-Rican Jew from the Lower East Side, and Bengali Indian from New Jersey–premiered Can We Dance Here? to sold out audiences at Gibney, a New York Times Critic’s Pick, and rave reviews, 2023 Bessie Award nominees for Outstanding Breakout Choreographer(s) Amanda Castro (Tap), Arielle Rosales (Flamenco), and Brinda Guha (Kathak) return to our stage to present a reimagined reprisal of the enticing evening of rhythmic exchange. The three storytellers bask in the light of their second iteration of percussive conversation. Rooted in all that their crafts provide them, and in dialogue with live music, this trio invites audiences to pause, witness, and receive three women boldly taking the floor here and now.

Can We Dance Here? is a treasure and a triumph.”  
“These dancers have it, and I hope they get the chance to share it with many more people.” -Siobhan Burke, The New York Times

About Soles of Duende

A Brooklyn-born Puerto-Rican from New Haven, a Mexican Puerto-Rican Jew from the Lower East Side, and a Bengali Indian from Jersey walked on to the wooden floor and the rest? History. Bonded by their deep love of music, their crafts, and true connection, Soles of Duende is on a lifelong mission to elevate the joy and music of true collaboration across disciplines and the celebration of the forms they practice. Based in the sounds of Tap (Amanda Castro), Flamenco (Arielle Rosales) and Kathak (Brinda Guha), Soles of Duende’s fire is the spirit that lives within each of these women to celebrate their connection given their beautiful differences and to uplift the forms that made them.  Learn more  

Photo credit: Mike Esperanza