Happy Hour: Equity Action Committee - Gibney
Week of December 7, 2019
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Happy Hour: Equity Action Committee

Stop by the Gibney Gallery to learn about the Equity Action Committee. Over a glass of wine, we’ll discuss what we do, who we are, and our plans for the future. We’d also love to hear from the community about what the most pressing equity issues are right now, and how we, as a part of Gibney, can address them.

The Equity Action Committee (EAC) is a self-selecting group of Gibney staff members dedicated to addressing issues of equity, access, and inclusion within Gibney and the dance field at large. We envision a community of individuals and institutions actively working together toward an intersectional, anti-racist, and non-discriminatory world.

Gibney 280 Broadway
Gibney/Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center
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New York, NY 10007
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