In Person: Embodiment through Dance Movement Therapy with Giulia Carotenuto

Nov. 20, 12:00 pm3:00 pm EST

$30 – $40


Sliding Scale Options: $40, $35, $30

This workshop is designed to offer a space for students to engage with Dance Movement Therapy tools and techniques as a means to engage with their inner worlds and explore their relationships to their own sense of embodiment in a safe, curious, and creative way. Professional dance training and performing can be extremely hard on the body mind and emotion continuum (also known as embodiment), both for young ambitious students just entering the field, as well as for veteran performers with years of accumulated experience. This workshop is an opportunity to engage with your body, your creativity, and your sense of embodiment in a setting that can provide support, healing, and different perspectives, all informed by Dance Movement Therapy.

During the workshop, you will be invited to explore your body mind emotion connection, your creativity, and your movement patterns/preferences, and to safely address stressors that may have become roadblocks to your own full sense of self as a creative, dancing human.

The workshop will begin with a warm-up focused on total body integration through Bartenieff’s Developmental Movements. Following, students will then engage in improvisational scores informed by themes that arose in the warm-up and inspired by DMT tools and techniques. Students will also engage in observation and feedback in small groups or couples, and be given the opportunity to better understand their movement patterns and preferences and their own relationship to embodiment, while also having the experience of being seen and heard in a non-competitive, safe, and supportive environment.

All bodies are welcome.
No prior dance experience necessary.


Giulia Carotenuto (she/her/hers) is an Italy-born, EU and US-based Dance Movement Therapist, performer, and creator. In her years as a NY resident, she performed with many incredible artists including Faye Driscoll Group, Monica Bill Barnes & Co., Pavel Zustiak / Palissimo, Yara Travieso, Beth Gill, Esmé Boyce, Mark Dendy Dance Theatre, and Kate Fisher, and was featured in three leading roles in Third Rail Projects’ critically acclaimed shows Then She Fell and The Grand Paradise. Her lifelong experiences as a dancer and performer organically led Giulia to pursue a Masters degree in Dance Movement Therapy, which is now her main focus and life’s work. Her path into and through Dance Movement Therapy has inspired Giulia to want to make this incredible somatic healing art an essential and fundamental part of professional dance training. Having experienced on her own body and mind the intense stressors that come with professional dance training and performing, Giulia is eager to offer DMT practices to dance communities everywhere to help dancers of all ages and backgrounds enhance embodiment, creativity, performative prowess, and heal our collective and individual wounds.

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Photo by Quinn Batson.