LAJAMARTIN Physical Dance Theater Intensive - Gibney
Week of August 9, 2020
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LAJAMARTIN Physical Dance Theater Intensive: Head, Fairies, and Tales

LajaMartin by CPRowe Photography


Price: $275.00

Awaken the body’s full capacity, ignite the senses and embody vastly different movement qualities. Digging in through physicality to spark the mind and encourage theatricality to stem from impulse. Fully enlivened explore the endless possibilities of performance.


Co-Founders, Laja Field and Martin Durov, originally from Salt Lake City and Slovakia, met dancing as full time members with Johannes Wieland at Staatstheater Kassel, Germany. In 2015, they became founding members of VIM VIGOR dance company in NYC and are currently co-rehearsal directors and performers. Lusting for an avenue of their own, Field and Durov created the physical dance theatre company, LAJAMARTIN in 2017. Their first work “Tatry” produced by DANCENOW premiered at Joe’s Pub Festival in NYC and later in “Circulate” at Newcastle College, England. As invited guests, LM created ”Lucy Part 1” for BRINE at the Leona Wagner Black Box in SLC, Utah. Ending 2017 in Slovakia, LM created “Spolu v Čase” for the J.L Bellu Conservatory in Banska Bystrica. They have also had the pleasure of teaching at Gibney Dance Center NYC, the University of Utah, BYU, Newcastle College & Dancecity in England, Johannes Wieland Staatstheater Kassel, Contemporary Prostor Pro Tanec, Prague and the private Conservatory in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia. LAJAMARTIN continues to create, perform and teach in the US and EU looking forward to future opportunities to continue bringing dance to people.


Photo by CPRowe Photography


The accessible entrance for this location is located at 280 Broadway. Please note that this is a shared entrance with the New York City Department of Buildings. To access the elevator, attendees may be asked to provide a valid photo ID and go through building security, including a metal detector.

Requests for reasonable accommodation or for access to the 280 Broadway entrance after 5:00 pm or on the weekend should be made three days in advance by contacting Elyse Desmond at 646.837.6809 (Voice only), or by e-mailing

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