Masterclass with Lior Tavori

May 20, 2023, 11:00 am3:00 pm EDT


SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2023 
TIME: 11:00-3:00 pm
LOCATION: Gibney 280 Broadway (Studio Y)
PRICE: $50


The workshop will begin with an improvisation class and then dive into the world of research, dealing with our body and soul, and sharing our love for movement, dance, passion, and some extraordinary groove! In the second part, students will learn rep from Lior Tavori’s latest work – 8th day.


Artistic Director of Lior Tavori Dance Company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lior holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a master’s degree in dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Lior is also a lecturer in the choreography program at the Academy and a Teacher and creator of the International dance program of Vertigo dance company Israel. He has created works for dance companies in China, including Chongqing Ballet China and Guangzhou Opera House China, Quorum Ballet Portugal, and for the Inbal Dance Theater (Israel) as well as for his own company. Lior created dance works for Curtain Up Dance Festival in the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. His works have received numerous awards in Israel and have been performed on countless stages around the world: China, Italy, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Georgia, and Taiwan among others. In 2022, Lior Tavori premiered the “8th day” with his company as a commissioned work for Tel-Aviv Dance Festival in Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel- Aviv. He also created bonbon for Munich National Ballet. In 2024 he’s invited to create new work for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Presented by MART Foundation



Photo Credit: Photo from Lior Tavori’s latest work, 8th day. Photo by Efrat Mazor