POP Performance with Marked Dance Project at Gibney
Week of August 8, 2020
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POP Performance: Marked Dance Project

Marked Dance Project



broken/open will be a full-evening of some of MDP’s most popular pieces from the past year. Choreographed by Mark Travis Rivera, broken/open will explore the human experience of being broken and how one heals and becomes open to the possibilities of their lives.

marked dance project is a contemporary dance company featuring disabled and non-disabled dancers. Entering its 10th year, MDP was founded in March of 2009 by artistic director Mark Travis Rivera. Created out of a desire to provide more professional opportunities for disabled dancers, MDP aims to change perceptions about who a dancer is allowed to be in all of their intersectional identities. Visit www.markeddanceproject.com to learn more.


POP provides the dance community with increased support for showings and performances.

POP enables dance artists to self-produce performances and showings at Gibney through a curated rental process. Artists can participate in POP through Performances, Showings, or Open Rehearsals. POP Performances offer a three-night run in The Theater (Studio H) at 280 Broadway. POP Showings & Open Rehearsals are more informal showings in our studios.


The accessible entrance for this location is located at 280 Broadway. Please note that this is a shared entrance with the New York City Department of Buildings. To access the elevator, attendees may be asked to provide a valid photo ID and go through building security, including a metal detector.

Requests for reasonable accommodation or for access to the 280 Broadway entrance after 5:00 pm or on the weekend should be made three days in advance by contacting Elyse Desmond at 646.837.6809 (Voice only), or by e-mailing elyse@gibneydance.org.

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