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Week of April 2, 2020
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Work Up 6.1: Glenn Potter-Takata a.k.a. GORN,
Audre Wirtanen, & Christine C. Wyatt

Three photos of different people moving side by side.

Work Up is a residency, professional development program, and performance opportunity that supports early-career artists.

Emphasizing the articulation of ideas in both movement and language, Work Up 6.1 features work by Glenn Potter-Takata a.k.a. GORN, Audre Wirtanen, and Christine C. Wyatt.

Download Audre Wirtanen’s DX ME FIX ME handout for additional context around her work and this performance →

Glenn Potter-Takata a.k.a. GORN
postwar a sci-fi love rage

Glenn Potter-Takata a.k.a. GORN creates an imagined ritual practice to shamanize intergenerational trauma with the radioactive antagonist of Ishiro Honda’s Gojira (1954). Using the Gojira monster as a focal point, Potter-Takata uses video juxtaposed with live performance to create shadow iterations of his performing body, a response to the duality that is the byproduct of cultural transition.

Audre Wirtanen

DX ME FIX ME is an intimate presentation of illness and disability shaped by eugenic legacies in somatics, dance, medicine, and science. It is about seeking care in an attempt to manage illness, medicalization of the femme body, and the relationship of those actions to the male gaze and institutionalized knowledge. Drawing from experiences in science, medical research, Alexander Technique, and the dance community, Audre investigates the complexities of being abled-passing while navigating systems that ‘care’ for bodies. Information is exposed in a sterile environment for the audience to process. DX ME FIX ME is a vulnerable act of resistance through the ownership of a narrative that is personal truth.

Christine C. Wyatt
Ti’ed (the solo)

Ti’ed (the solo) centers Christine’s experience and the underlying narratives associated with her identity. This piece explores and exposes the social, political, emotional, and psychological sources of exhaustion. This work “interrogates the American psyche” questioning the conventions and constructs of society. Christine looks to history as a window into understanding the present to contend with the vicious cycle of trying to escape fatigue while being exhausted by it. The embodied text is a pursuit of liberation and release.


Glenn Potter-Takata a.k.a. GORN is a Japanese-American performance maker from Los Angeles, based in The Bronx. His work centers on activating the body through research and follows a line of inquiry around perceived value systems, deconstructing existing value systems into distorted ritual performances. Birds swim, fishies fly, GORNs drop tags. Performance credits include work at Dixon Place, HERE Arts, HOWL! Arts, Links Hall, Long Beach Opera, Redmoon, National Puppetry Festival, and original works by Kota Yamazaki, Dan Hurlin, and Kestutis Nakas. BFA, Roosevelt University. MFA, Sarah Lawrence College.

Audre Wirtanen is a brain researcher, somatic practitioner, & performer based in Brooklyn. Her background and life trajectories as a movement neuroscientist, performer, Adaptive Alexander Technique teacher and co-developer, and chronically ill, abled passing body weave together in all of her current mediums of work. She explores the conversation our experience has with our nervous system, how thinking is a sensorimotor action, and challenges the notion of objectivity in systems that ‘care’ for bodies and characterize ‘normalcy’. Follow @hyp_access to learn more about her new disability justice project w/ Laura Tuthall that supports care and community access for hypermobile people. Follow @audrewirtanen if you just want to check her out.

Christine C. Wyatt is an art maker and truth seeker through dance, choreography, and performance. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD she began training in performing arts schools and programs in Baltimore County. After a multitude of training experiences in music, theatre, and dance, Christine obtained a B.F.A. in Dance & Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in May of 2018. Experiences- training and performance- with artists like Mari Andrea Travis, Carl Pitts, Ed Terry, Liz Lerman/Dance Exchange, Jawole Jo Zollar/Urban Bush Women, MK Abadoo, Maria Bauman, Dr. Gaynell Sherrod, and Alicia Diaz/Agua mDulce Dance Theatre has influenced her movement practice. Her perspective of art as resistance is a fundamental part of her practice and support of other artists. Christine sees movement as a means of liberation for the body, mind, and spirit. Africanist movement values, a love for American art forms, and a passion for commemorative justice and anti-racist, community-centric work inform her dance life. Learn more about Christine and her journey on Instagram @ChrisCat_bar and online at-

Photos (left to right): GORN by Glenn Potter-Takata; Audre Wirtanen by Bryan Bisordi; and Christine C. Wyatt by Brandon Lane.


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