• What styles of dance are offered?

    Gibney Dance classes include a diverse roster with styles including Ballet, Contemporary dance, Simonson Technique, Floor Barre, Pilates, West African, Gaga, Hip Hop, and more. View the current class schedule here.

  • How much do classes cost?

    280 Broadway (Lower Manhattan) Classes

    • $17 / Single class
    • $80 / 5-class series
    • $160 / 10-class series
    • $14 / Movement Research Classes
    • $20 / Master Classes
    • $8 / access8: $8 Classes
    • The Playground
      • $10 / First class with membership card (Cash only)
      • $5 / Single Class thereafter (Cash only)
      • $6 / Playground Online Registration (Credit/Debit only)

    890 Broadway (Union Square) Classes

    • $17 / Single class
    • $80 / 5-class series
    • $160 / 10-class series
    • Jodi Moccia
      • $15 / Single class
    • Intensati 3.0
      • $30 / Single class
      • $270 / 10-class series


  • Do classes expire?

    All class credits do have expiration dates. Expiration lengths begin day of purchase. Class credits can be used the day of expiration. Gibney Dance does not freeze series prior to expiring.

    Gibney Dance does not extend or reactivate any expired class series.

    • Single class / 60 Days
    • 5-class series / 60 Days
    • 10-class series / 90 Days
    • Movement Research Class / 60 Days

    If an injury has prevented you from using a class series, please contact our Training & Education staff with proof of injury to be considered for an exception.

  • How do I pay for classes?

    All students must register prior to class. Students may register in person at the front desk on the second floor of 280 Broadway, entrance at 53A Chamber, or online using our website or smartphone app, Go Gibney.

    Students may only register in person for Access8: $8 classes and Master Classes.

    Upon registering, each student will receive a Gibney Dance Center membership card. Each time they attend class, students must present their GDC membership card to sign in and pay for class. There is a $5 replacement fee for a new membership card.

    Students may pay for class with cash, check, credit/debit cards, or class series via their membership card. Please make checks payable to Gina Gibney Dance, Inc.

    For The Playground classes, students must pay $10 in cash for their first class to receive a special Playground membership card, which is presented upon future visits to receive the $5 class price for Playground classes. If they fail to bring their Playground card, they will not receive the $5 price. The Playground classes purchased in person must be paid for in cash only. Online Playground registration is available, paid with credit/debit card, for $6.

    890 Broadway (Union Square) Classes

    Students taking ballet must register with the Class Registration desk located in the main hallway of 890 Broadway right outside Studio 5-2. Upon registering, each student will receive a Gibney Dance Center membership card. Each time they attend class, students must present their GDC membership card to sign in and pay for class. There is a $5 replacement fee for a new membership card.

    Students may pay with cash, check, credit/debit cards, or class series via their membership card. For checks, photo ID is required. Please make check payable to Gina Gibney Dance, Inc.

    Students taking Zena-Rommett Floor Barre® at 890 or Sati classes should pay the teacher directly.

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  • Can I purchase classes as a gift for a friend?

    Yes, to purchase a gift card please visit our online shop. Note that class credits purchased as a gift card will begin expiring once redeemed by the recipient.

  • How do I register for class?

    280 & 890 Broadway Classes
    Registration occurs 10-15 minutes before class at the Class Registration desk with your Gibney Dance membership card. It is mandatory that you sign in with the Class Registration desk before going into a class studio unless you have pre-registered.
    If you have pre-registered on GibneyDance.org or in the Go Gibney mobile app, you may go directly into the class studio without stopping at the front desk.
    Zena-Rommett Floor Barre & Sati at 890
    For Zena-Rommett Floor Barre & Sati classes at 890 Broadway, registration occurs in person in the studio at the beginning of class. You do not need to check in at the Class Registration desk. Since all classes are drop-in, pre-registration is not available.(Please note that Zena-Rommett Floor Barre classes at 280 Broadway require registration 10-15 minutes before class at the Class Registration desk with your Gibney Dance membership card, or pre-registration online.)

  • How do I pre-register for classes?

    You may reserve your place in class by pre-registering on the Gibney Dance website or in the Go Gibney mobile app for iOS or Andriod.

    Students may also purchase single class, Movement Research class credits, 5 class series, 10 class series, and Playground Online Registration credits via the website or app.

    Pre-register at GibneyDance.org →
    Pre-register in the Go Gibney mobile app →

    Pre-registrations may be canceled up to the class start time. Should you be unable to attend a class you have pre-registered for, you may contact the front desk via phone prior to class to cancel your registration.

    Pre-registrations cannot be canceled after the class start time and you will be charged for the class.

    Please be advised that if you pre-register for a class with an incorrect credit, you will be required to purchase the correct credit prior to entering class. Partial payments will not be accepted at any time; we are happy to refund the incorrect credit.

  • How do I log in to my Mindbody account on the Go Gibney mobile app?

    The Go Gibney mobile app uses the same Mindbody account that you use to sign in to class at the front desk, buy classes and class cards, and rent space. This is also the same account students create at their first visit through our electronic waiver.

    If you can’t remember your password, or aren’t sure if you have an account, choose the “I don’t remember my password” option in the “My Account” section of the mobile app.

    If you are able to log in, but cannot use classes or class cards you’ve previously purchased, please visit or call the front desk at 280 Broadway to resolve the issue.

  • What is our class cancellation and refund policy?

    In person registrations may be canceled up to the class start time, but cannot be canceled after 15 past the class start time. Pre-registrations cannot be canceled after the class start time and you will be charged for the class.


    If the class is canceled by Gibney Dance, credit for that class will be automatically applied to your account. If a non-series credit was used for a canceled class, and you would prefer a refund, please let our front desk staff know.

    The Training & Education staff evaluates refund requests on a case-by-case basis. Gibney Dance is not able to process any partial refunds, including partially used class-series. Students may only receive a refund in the form of original payment.

  • Where do classes take place?

    All classes occur at one of the two Gibney Dance locations: our Lower Manhattan locatio at 280 Broadway (entrance at 53A Chambers Street) or our Union Square location at 890 Broadway on the 5th Floor. In both locations, all students must sign in downstairs with the security/building staff before proceeding upstairs.

    280 Broadway (Lower Manhattan) Classes

    Classes occur in various studios. Students can view studio locations posted at the Class Registration desk and outside each studio.

    890 Broadway (Union Square) Classes

    All ballet and other classes at 890 Broadway take place in Studio 5-2. Occasionally, classes may move studios for special circumstances. Please visit the Center Office near the elevator if you cannot find the studio.