• Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance

    Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance is the home for African and diaspora dance in Brooklyn and provides classes and cultural education for dances from Africa, the Americas, and the Caribbean. Often accompanied by live drumming, Cumbe’s dynamic teachers invite students at all levels to learn rhythms and movements from Senegal, Guinea, Cuba, Haiti, and more. Knowing that dances from African traditions bring tremendous spirit to our modern lives, Cumbe provides a space for all to immerse themselves in their joy and vitality.

  • Jose Limon Dance Foundation

    The José Limón Dance Foundation exists to extend the vitality of the Limón legacy into the future, to continue to develop its humanistic approach to movement and theater, and enliven the culture through performance, creation, preservation and education.

  • Movement Research

    movement research is one of the world’s leading laboratories for the investigation of dance and movement-based forms. Valuing the individual artist, their creative process and their vital role within society, Movement Research is dedicated to the creation and implementation of free and low-cost programs that nurture and instigate discourse and experimentation. Movement Research strives to reflect the cultural, political and economic diversity of its moving community, including artists and audiences alike.

  • The Playground

    The vision of The Playground is to formulate a live catalog that showcases the most sought after talent in the New York contemporary dance scene. At this open forum, selected choreographers are invited to investigate their movement process with professional dancers. Rooted in a common space that encompasses cooperation, community, and creativity, The Playground is a place for choreographers and dancers to discover dance together.

  • Simonson Technique / New Dance Collective

    Simonson Technique Logo

    Simonson Technique, created and developed by master teacher Lynn Simonson, Is an organic approach to movement that prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent and somatically aware. The New Dance Collective is a group of choreographers and teachers trained in the Simonson Technique who are presenting new work in New York City.

  • Trisha Brown Dance Company

    Trisha Brown Dance Company’s outstanding Education Program provides children, aspiring dancers and young professionals with training in postmodern dance. The Education Program offers classes in technique, repertory, and improvisation, as well as workshops with world-renowned guest artists, as well as fosters the preservation of TBDC’s repertory through restaging projects.


  • Physical Inquiry & Somatic Practices

    Classes and workshops in this category encompass a wide range of body practices, designed to increase core strength, flexibility and mobility. These classes focus upon expanding one’s understanding and efficient use of the body, and are suitable for professional dancers and non-dancers alike. Many of our somatic classes are offered in association with Movement Research, including Alexander technique, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais Method®, Qi Gong, Pilates, and more, all taught by the internationally renowned faculty of Movement Research.

  • Daily Technique

    Classes designed for the professional or aspiring professional dancer, taught by the highly experienced NYC dance professionals and members of the most exciting NYC dance companies, including  the Trisha Brown Dance Company, company members from Doug Varone and Dancers, David Dorfman and Dancers, the faculty of Movement Research, the Simonsen/New Dance Collective and much more. There will be 6-12 daily technique classes offered at Gibney Dance 280 Broadway.

  • Creative Exploration

    A series of workshops will be offered focusing upon a range of contemporary dance improvisational techniques, taught by choreographers/dancers including members of the Trisha Brown Dance Co., the faculty of Movement Research, and other members of the contact improvisation community. The Playground, a series of low-cost opportunities for dancers to engage in the work of established choreographers, provides yet another example of how Gibney Dance fosters creative exploration.

  • Composition & Performative Techniques

    Gibney Dance Center will offer a series of workshops with NYC’s most renowned teachers of dance composition. Additionally, the Center will hold ongoing lectures, workshops, open rehearsals and outreach opportunities to discover more about compositional techniques and artistic/choreographic practices.

  • Community Engagement & Audience Development

    Gibney Dance at 280 Broadway’s three performance spaces create opportunities for diverse performance experiences, from in-progress showings to fully realized presentational events. Some of these events will be enlivened through active exploration and contextual information. Additionally, Gibney Dance’s Community Action Program creates opportunities for movement workshops for survivors of domestic violence, the only program of its kind in NYC.