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Here for Artists

As our City grapples with a profoundly ‘new abnormal,’ picture a world where dance artists rise up as a force for positive change and a path forward for the reclamation of culture.

Artists are here to challenge, add meaning, and transform. Artists are here to constantly reimagine our world and show us what could be. Artists are here to bring people together and build communities. Artists have been here for New York City time and time again. 

The potential of artists to play a uniquely valuable role in rebuilding a vibrant, thriving New York City deserves attention. Gibney is here for artists, and the impact they stand to make across our City—now and in the future.

Join Us

Today, in these uncertain times, you can be here for artists.
You can support artists’ re-entry into their work and our City.
You can reignite our performing arts field as a force of creativity, inspiration, and change.
You can usher the arts back into our communities, schools, and domestic violence shelters.
You can infuse culture, once again, into the Cultural Capital of the World.

$500 – Help collaboratively respond to COVID-19 and keep art alive.
$1,000 – Encourage artists’ entrepreneurial efforts to re-enter and rebuild the performing arts field.
$5,000 – Serve vulnerable, valuable populations like survivors of domestic violence and school-aged youth.
$10,000 – Sponsor the #HereForArtists campaign and support artists’ resilience
$25,000 – Become a Lead Sponsor of the #HereForArtists campaign and stand by artists and the multifaceted impact they will have in rebuilding New York City’s culture and community.

TO PARTICIPATE BY MAIL: Please mail your check, payable to “Gina Gibney Dance, Inc.” to Gibney 890 Broadway, Floor 5, New York, NY 10003.

Thank you. Together, we’re proud to be #HereForArtists.

100% of your gift is tax-deductible.


We want to hear from you! This fundraising campaign will raise funding for modes of support for artists like you. We are conceiving of these ideas in real time, based on your input. Participate by taking our Community Survey, or contacting us directly at

You can also lend your voice to the campaign by participating in our #HereForArtists video series. Why is the work you do crucial to New York City? How has art impacted or changed your life? Why are you #HereForArtists? Simply film yourself (horizontally) with your phone and submit your video to or share on social media with the hashtag #HereForArtists.


Participate in the #HereForArtists campaign through our online silent auction!

Text the phrase Gibney2020 to the number 76278 to register and bid on an array of items and experiences right from your cellphone.

Items include:

  • An exclusive Q&A Zoom with Simon Sinek, author of multiple NYT bestsellers, whose 2009 TED Talk is one of the most watched of all time.
  • Behind the scenes access to Gibney Company‘s much anticipated 2021 Joyce season.
  • A private dining experience with celebrity chef Alexcia Smith or former Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet magazine, Gail Zweigenthal.
  • A week relaxing lakeside ina 110 year old home in Essex, NY, with access to hiking and Lake Champlain’s natural beauty.
  • A private wine tasting for six led by Fred Price of Red Hook Wines.

The auction will close on Monday, June 1 at 6:00 pm EST.

Why We're Here

“Culture is really the soul of our city. Without it, New York is not the thriving and humanistic city that we know it to be.” – Gina Gibney, The New York Times

Gibney’s ‘Making Space for Dance’ was a concept dreamt up by New York City artists nearly 30 years ago. This vision inspired a movement. Physical space opened for artists, entrepreneurship and social action became increasingly essential to our work, and creative connections between artists and new communities grew. This was all fueled by the view of artists as citizens: citizens uniquely capable of making a difference not only in studios and on stages, but also in public schools, domestic violence shelters, prisons, public parks, and on the steps of City Hall.

Artists have been here for New York City time and time again. 

Years ago, in response to the Culture Wars, performing and visual artists challenged censorship with proactive art, action, and activism. 

During the AIDS crisis, the dance community took to the streets to mobilize support in the fight against AIDS alongside grassroots political groups like ACT UP. Choreographers and dance artists used their craft to bring the AIDS crisis centerstage. Series like Lincoln Center’s Dancing for Life concert and The Joyce Theater’s Friends in Need showcase raised funds for AIDS. Dancers Responding to AIDS was born and remains an active part of the dance community. 

In the wake of 9/11, the dance community rallied together and pooled resources in mutual support for New York City residents. An extraordinary outpouring of creative work stemmed from this moment in American history. Jacqulyn Buglisi’s Table of Silence became an annual public performance ritual for peace.

After Hurricane Sandy, artists rose up to provide free programming for kids and to address those experiencing sudden hardship.

In between these moments of adversity, let’s not forget the daily magic artists serve up. Whether on the Broadway stage or in the downtown venue, in schools or popping up around every corner of our City’s streets, artists create, entertain, and engage—persistently.

This is why Gibney is here for artists. 

Will you join us?

Woman jumping with her knees tucked to her body, in a green saturated light.
Your Impact

Thrust into the age of social distancing, artists continue to connect and create community through digital technology, social media, and collaboration. Yes, even in the midst of profound economic and emotional hardship, artists are working hard to be here for and with us.

Gibney is actively reaching out to artists for their input on what is needed moving forward. A constituent-wide survey will be released in mid-May, along with ongoing personal outreach to artists in our community.

Your meaningful support enables us to:

Together, we can help those in need of information and support by becoming a community-led “one-stop-shop” for resources, opportunities, and outlets, such as: 

Together, we can help artistic creation, practice, and experience endure through efforts such as:

  • Gibney Online Studio: Free or donation-based virtual dance classes for everyone, everywhere, reaching dancers across the US and over 30 countries
  • Repertory: Free streaming access to select excerpts of Gibney Company’s repertory
  • Discourse & Engagement: Virtual long tables discussing pressing issues in the field and screenings for artists to share and discuss their work
  • Artists Reach Out: Reflection-based interview series, made possible in partnership with Eva Yaa Asantewaa of InfiniteBody, featuring the voices of an array of artists, including those who would have been welcomed on Gibney’s stage this spring

Together, we can help artists rebuild their careers in supportive, flexible, and entrepreneurial ways, such as:

  • Artist Rebuilding Blocks: A planned offering of holistic, customizable support for artists once they can safely re-enter the field and get back into studios, stages, shelters, and schools. Gibney is working directly with artists to identify their needs, which may include stipends, subsidized rehearsal space and training, professional development and mentorship, digital media support and equipment, public engagement opportunities, child care, mental health resources, and more.
  • Advocacy Fellowships: Projects that leverage the entrepreneurial skills of Gibney Company Artistic Associates to meet the emerging needs of the dance field, including free mental health resources and digital interviews with artists, arts workers, and arts leaders to connect the field
  • Moving Toward Justice: Virtual, in-depth incubation of six new arts + social action projects that are poised to transform our sector

Together, we can help some of the communities most deeply affected by COVID-19—survivors of domestic violence and school-aged youth—through the continuance of longstanding creative programming, such as:

  • Workshops with Survivors & Essential Workers: Virtual, artist-led Move to Move Beyond workshops for survivors of domestic violence and the essential workers who are supporting them, offered through partnerships across local shelters
  • Youth Engagement & Dialogue: Pre-recorded and live versions of Gibney’s artist-led dance meets violence prevention program, Hands are for Holding®, offered to schools free of charge throughout this remote learning period
  • Creative Process with Survivor Leaders: Weekly, digital rehearsal sessions with Sanctuary for Families’ Survivor Leaders to develop new performances that they will share in the community, ensuring that survivors’ voices will continue to be heard

Join us and make an impact.

Behind The Scenes

Like you and our colleagues, communities, and fellow nonprofits, our world changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After weeks of planning we dreamt up the #HereForArtists campaign to not only make up for the loss of our annual Gala, but to also build a future base of support for the artists who count on us, help bring our mission to life, and contribute to our City’s culture. We’re actively collecting input from our artistic communities on what they will need and how we can best be there to support them upon re-entry—all while fundraising for it through this effort.

A behind-the-scenes look at how this effort came about and how it will continue to be shaped can be found below. This is new for us! We welcome your thoughts on the future direction of the #HereForArtists campaign. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Thank you.

MARCH 15 – MAY 4
Gibney cancels Gala and transitions to a Campaign Effort
Gibney’s Board of Directors made the decision to cancel its spring Gala on March 15. On March 16, Gibney’s two locations officially closed, the staff transitioned to remote work, and all programming began to be virtually reimagined. The public was notified of the Gala cancellation on March 19. In the 6.5 weeks that followed, the #HereForArtists campaign concept, positioning, and future plans were developed.

Read about the evolution of the campaign on the Capacity Interactive blog →

MARCH 19 – MAY 4
Gibney’s Board and Arts Workers Collaborate & Add Input

Throughout the development of the campaign concept, multiple voices were heard including the Board, colleagues in the field, consultants, artists, and all 70 of Gibney’s arts workers – 90% of whom are working artists. Participation occurred through weekly director’s meetings, weekly board calls, bi-weekly all staff meetings, staff-wide writing prompts, staff-wide video prompts, numerous consultations, and one-on-one personal outreach.

Read the Gibney Staff’s Reflections on  Rebuilding →

MAY 14 – JUNE 5
Gibney’s Constituent Base Collaborates & Adds Input (Round 1)

Development of our constituent-wide survey began on April 13, created with input from our 70 arts workers, and launched on May 14. This survey is a way to hear from all of our constituents and learn what they want and need moving forward. Following the close of this survey on June 5, a third party (GreaterNY/Centerview Female Leadership Initiative) will conduct the analysis. Survey findings will help inform what we should prioritize and what those “Artist Rebuilding Blocks” of support should look like. This campaign is raising funds to help support those future unknowns.

Participate in the Community Survey →

Gibney’s Constituent Base Collaborates & Adds Input (Round 2)

We intend to create and share a second survey in the months ahead to capture the new and changed perspectives of our communities.

Thank You

Gibney extends a heartfelt gratitude to its Sponsors, Committee leadership, and Supporters for their devotion to New York City culture and the vital role artists play. Thank you for being #HereForArtists. You inspire us!

LEAD SPONSORSImage of Text that reads: Jody & John Arnhold and Meringoff LogoSPONSORS

Gibney is proud to recognize those dedicated individuals who originally pledged their financial and outreach support to Gibney’s (now cancelled) 2020 Gala. This group of early, lead supporters laid the foundation for this impactful #HereForArtists campaign:

Anonymous (2)
Gerald M. Appelstein
Jody & John Arnhold
Carol J. Bryce-Buchanan
Olivia Ann Bryce Katz
Christopher Buckley & Liz Sharp
Arri Burrows, The Burrows Foundation
Centerview Partners
Sara Ciarelli Walsh
Anna & Jeremiah Connolly
Daniels Family Foundation, Inc.
Andrew A. Davis
Thomas K. Duane
Dani Effron Kline & David Kline
Christine & Tom Farquhar
Fram Reality
Chanel Frazier
Frederica Gamble
Erik Gensler & Ryan Donovan
Gina Gibney & Pamela van Zandt
Hilary Easton & Joshua McHugh
Lynn & Marc Gitlitz
Susan Gluck Pappajohn
Esther Goldbas & Daniel Tanenbaum & Family
Linda Greco
Lois Greenfield
Joan Hutton-Mills
Kathryn Karipides & David N. Brown
Steve & Marilyn Kram
Nancy Lashine
Dorothy Lawson, ETHEL
Jacqueline LiCalzi
Michelle Loris & Victoria Ferrara-Loris
Kim Manocherian
Jessica A. Marshall & Jerrold P. Tepper
Brendan McCall
Bethany & Euan Menzies, The Ready Foundation
Meringoff Family Foundation
Stephen Meringoff
Virginia & Timothy Millhiser
Carol Morgan & Robin Magid
Bob & Susan Morgenthau
Jenny Morgenthau
Melissa & David Neier
Alaleh & Ariel Ostad
David Parker
Jennifer J. Raab, President, Hunter College
Barbara A. Rosen & Patricia A. Martone
Thomas Scott & Vanessa Woog
Tajreena Tabassoom
Alair Townsend
Meital Waibsnaider & Rick Kiley
Katherine C. Wickham
Marcia Worthing

Gibney is proud to recognize those artists and arts leaders who originally lent their names to the (now cancelled) Gibney 2020 Gala as a collective actively and unwaveringly #HereForArtsts:

Hadar Ahuvia
Stefanie Batten Bland
Banning Bouldin
Brian Brooks
Brother(hood) Dance!
Antonio Brown
Camille A. Brown
Peter Chu
Thomas F. DeFrantz
Gregory Dolbashian
Carolyn Dorfman
Alejandra Duque Cifuentes
Eliot Feld
Amy Fitterer
Sharon Gersten Luckman
Lane Harwell
Virginia Johnson
Bill T. Jones & Bjorn G. Amelan
Larry Keigwin
nia love
Bebe Miller
Michael Novak
Craig T. Peterson
Shamel Pitts
Bennyroyce Royon
Ita Segev
Linda Shelton
Alice Sheppard, Kinetic Light
Bobbi Jene Smith
Gus Solomons jr
Springboard Danse Montréal
Pamela Tatge
Anouk van Dijk
Alexandra Wells
Wendy Whelan
Yin Yue, YY Dance Company
Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

Gibney thanks all the #HereForArtists campaign supporters (as of July 1, 2020):

Jody & John Arnhold
Meringoff Family Foundation

Centerview Partners, LLC
Nancy Lashine & Gary Sher
Jessica A. Marshall & Jerrold P. Tepper
Bethany & Euan C. Menzies, The Ready Foundation
Diana Sher Miller

Carol Bryce-Buchanan
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Olivia Ann Bryce Katz
Content Partners, LLC
Thomas K. Duane
Fram Realty
Lynn & Mark Gitlitz
David Parker
Marcia Worthing

Gerald M. Appelstein
Christopher Buckley & Elizabeth Sharp
Sara Ciarelli Walsh
Anna Connolly
Aaron & Judy Daniels
Lauren DiPaolo
Eleanor Dubinsky
Hilary Easton & Joshua McHugh
Dani Effron Kline & David Kline
ETHEL Central
Christine & Tom Farquhar
Victoria Ferrara-Loris & Michelle Loris
Frederica G. Gamble
Gina Gibney & Pamela Van Zandt
Susan Gluck Pappajohn
Esther Goldbas & Daniel Tanenbaum
Linda Greco
Ellen Hives & Russell Schreiber
Kathryn Karipides & David N. Brown
Larry Keigwin & Christian Keesee
Jacqueline LiCalzi
Bob & Susan Morgenthau
Melissa & David Neier
Larry & Rachel Norton
Annette Orenstein & Steven Polivy
Barbara A. Rosen & Patricia A. Martone
Toni Ross & Ron Kaplan
James A. Schmidt
Jack Taylor
Alair Townsend
Meital Waibsnaider & Rick Kiley
Philippa Weismann & Sandra G. Turner
Katherine Wickham
Elaine Wolbrom

Mark Ross
Mamie Kanfer Stewart
Bill & Linda Thompson
Kay Turner

William Ackerman
Anonymous (2)
Stephanie Apt
Nancy & Joe Bauerlein
Tamara Bates
Robin Beltzer
Maxine Blake
Helen Blecher
Dana Blum
Tracey Bourhill
Madeline Brine
Emily Brooks
Tara Budrewicz
Deborah Butt
Megan Callaghan
Maggie Christ
Mariam Dingillan
Morris & Dawn Effron
Ilene Eng
Deb Faulkner
Sarah Finn
Lisa & David Fish
Katherine Freedman & Brian Beirne
Liz Friedman
Lisa Friedman Clark
Rachel Furer
April Furst
Kara Gilmour
Cheryl Goodman
Sara Grundman
Andy Hamilton
Lawrence Harding
Julia Heller
Judith Hunt
Emma Judkins
Stacy Kent
Charles A. Kessler
Larissa King
Anna Knoebel
Hillary Kooistra
Jennifer Kreichman
LouAnn LaPlaca
Janet Lavin
Nancy Lindman Myers
Katherine Lowen
Marci Mainzer
Stephanie Marango
Madeline Marcus
Johanna Markson
Katherine McClintic
Jessamyn Melnicoff
Keesean Moore
Patrick Morgan
Joseph Morris
Andrea Nedic
Nina Nelson
Jennifer Nugent
George & Margie Oshiro
Mora-Amina Parker
Ashley Peters
Nathaniel Philips
Laurie & Gary Rafuse
Michael Rank
Kirk D. Read
Sara Roer
Annie Roome
Jennifer Rusinek
Audrey Schlaepfer & Judith Bennis
Elizabeth Schulte
Patch Schwadron
Vernon Scott
Andrea Sehl
Cynthia Seiler
Terri Seligman
Martha Sherman
Vincent Smith & Alice Silkworth
Joanna Sobolewska
Anna Sperber
Joannie Stangeland
Marion Talan del Rosa
Karin Tanenbaum
Jennifer Tatro
Jenny Thompson
Michelle Ulerich
Zipporah Weisberg
Alten Wilmot
David Woolard
André Zachery
Ellen Zaltzberg
Janet Zimmerman

Pictured: Gibney Company Artistic Associates, Jacob Thoman, Zui Gomez, Leal Zielińska. Photos by Nir Arieli.

Woman in a saturated pink light as she moves.