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Week of August 9, 2020
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NYC Summer Study:
Student Testimonials

“I really loved this program and it has forever motivated me in pursuing the kind of lifestyle and career that I want as a dance artist…there are endless opportunities for success in this very daunting field.”
—Elena, 2019 Summer Study Student

This was the best summer program I have participated in. The environment was warm and welcoming and the classes were extensive. The staff and teachers were accessible and open. I truly feel this program provided the best “bang for your buck”—classes, performances, creative process, discussions, WOW!!!”
—2017 Summer Study Student

“Gibney is a booming community that flourishes with positivity and peer support.”
—Emily, 2018 Summer Study Student

This program was a really great way for me to take a variety of different classes while also taking agency and ownership over my training as an individual artist. I learned so! Much!”
—Mackenzie, 2019 Summer Study Student

“I had an exceptional experience through the Summer Study program. I was mentored by various faculty members, made connections, improved my dance skills in a variety of different classes, and saw amazing professional performances.”
—Malena, 2018 Summer Study Student

“This is my second consecutive year in the program because I love it so much. I would even do it a third time! Everyone is so encouraging, and the teachers are so diverse and knowledgeable.
—Jameliah, 2018 & 2019 Summer Study Student

This program is a perfect fit for a dancer who is planning to live in NYC! Before graduation, this gives great advice to an aspiring dancer.”
—Brittney, 2019 Summer Study Student


Pictured: July 2019 Summer Study Students in the CONFIDANZ photoshoot workshop. Photo by Gabriel Johnson, program directed by Zui Gomez.

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