Audre Wirtanen is a Hypermobile/Ill/Disabled movement neuroscientist, accessible somatic practitioner/developer, and dance artist/educator. She confronts Ableism in arts, somatics, science, and medicine by identifying eugenic lineages in Western practices and working in response to them. Audre is a 2019-2020 Gibney Work-Up artist-in-residence and recently premiered DX ME FIX ME. She co-developed Awareness-Based Neuromuscular Re-patterning (ABNR), a hypermobile-inclusive accessible somatic practice, in response to inaccessibility in Alexander Technique. As a freelance scientist, Audre runs her own IRB approved studies. Her publication in Brain, Body, Cognition details the first correlation between somatic practice exposure and changes in motor planning and execution (Wirtanen & Fichtenholtz, 2019). A pilot study assessing ABNR’s efficacy will be presented and published in the coming months.


Hyp-ACCESS is a disability justice startup created by Audre Wirtanen and Laura Tuthall that reimagines models of care across body-related fields in direct response to the unique need in each for Hypermobile access. ABNR is a new branch of somatic practice that prioritizes risk minimization, recognition of potential injury, and sensory integration tools – including but not limited to proprioceptive re-education. Through the continued development of ABNR, Hyp-ACCESS provides a hypermobility-inclusive care framework that increases participants’ understanding of their own disability access needs and generates movement and rest strategies from that foundation of access. As part of the MTJ 2020 cohort, Hyp-ACCESS will implement sustainable and accessible community programming and educational initiatives to support Hypermobile, Chronically Ill, and Disabled folks in performing arts. 

Photo Credit: Liam Cotter