Bianca Paige Smith (BS Neuroscience, MA Contemporary Dance Performance) born in NJ, is a multi-disciplinary artist, a visionary and creator. She currently creates work that draws from principles of post-modern Contemporary dance and personal experience with yoga and meditation, as well as her background in neuroscience. Bianca is a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga instructor and has been developing a series of meditation services called Meditation for You, alongside her weekly teaching practice. Bianca is currently a Creative Partner with Sydnie L. Mosley dances where she is also the Yoga instructor and Marketing Manager. She is also working with her team to develop a platform and resource for the performing and healing arts communities, called B. Create. She earned her Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance at the University of Limerick and proceeded to perform throughout Ireland, the UK, inclusive of the prestigious Step Up Dance Project in 2017 with the award-winning UK Choreographer Gary Clarke. Her award-winning duet, Two Can Do, created in 2017, made its NYC private premiere at Gibney Dance, NJ premiere at Art House Productions and toured Ireland in August 2019 with sold out shows in Dublin and Limerick. Two Can Do’s corresponding SUPPORT and MANTRA workshops provide the community a way into the part and parcel of the world that is Two Can Do. Bianca’s recent performance credits include Nacera Belaza (ALG/FR), Ryan Daniel Beck (BDC/NYC), Vanessa Long2 Dance Company (NYC, 2018/2019) and SLMDances (NYC, 2019/2020 season- present).

Mindful Movement and Meditation

Mindful Movement and Meditation opens a supportive and welcoming space for creating a ritual of moving with our awareness and exploring our relationship with meditation. The class structure will remain consistent with a movement-based warm up, time for exploration of mindfulness of the body and time for meditation. Each session will provide opportunities to engage with approaches to create or discover the depth of one’s own relationship to meditation via the introduction of improvisation-based exercises alongside various approaches to meditation. Inspiration for improvisation and movement explorations will be drawn from Two Can Do, a postdance duet, which incorporates elements of mindfulness, yoga, meditation and postdance. The beauty of this offering is the opportunity to simultaneously practice the individual journey of collecting our attention and bringing it to the present moment, through the experience of moving and breathing together. All are welcome, regardless of experience with movement, dance or meditation.

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