Kara Gilmour | Gibney Staff at 280 & 890 Broadway
Week of August 9, 2020
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Senior Director of Community Action & Strategic Initiatives

Kara Gilmour | Gibney Staff

Kara Gilmour

Kara Gilmour is the Senior Director of Community Action and Strategic Initiatives. She brings years of experience developing artistic and public programs as well as education and health initiatives. Kara works to develop community engagement strategies crafted through collaboration and anchored in the artistic process. Her work at Gibney focuses on nurturing innovative partnerships with artists, foundations, city agencies, community-based organizations, and collegial institutions. There is a shared goal of integrating art and creativity into civic conversations and public policies to effect social change, as well as providing new avenues for sustainable artistic careers.

Prior to joining Gibney, Ms. Gilmour served in a leadership role at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy for eight years where she oversaw the development of the Education and Stewardship programs as well as spearheading the Conservancy’s first Capital project. She has also worked with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Applied Research and Consulting, Education Development Center, Lincoln Center Institute and Planned Parenthood.

As a professional dancer, Kara was a member of Gibney Dance Company (NYC), Compagnie Marie Chouinard (Montreal, QC) and Paula Josa-Jones Performance Works (Boston, MA). She holds a BA from Wesleyan University and attended NYU’s George H. Heyman, Jr. Program for Philanthropy and Fundraising. Kara was selected as a 2016 New York Community Trust Leadership Fellow and a 2017 Advocate of New York City.