Latina born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx, cultivating a relationship with movement and dance from the young age of 8. Started off with ballroom dance and then transitioned into professional styles in ballet, modern, tap and jazz, training at Dance Theatre of Harlem. Studied and got a BA In Arts management at SUNY Purchase, and shortly after graduating started my dance career, as a voguer/commercial dancer in late 2016.

Vogue Fem

Vogue fem is the most recent style of voguing that you can see online, in social and mainstream media. It incorporates 5 elemental properties of movement/story telling; hand performance, catwalks, duck walks, spin dips, and floor performance. This is a very expressive, all around movement dance style that will have you in various different levels, displaying various different movements and feelings. It is all about expressing yourself in the most truest form to you, while Incorporating the 5 elements of Vogue fem.

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