Maki Kitahara is an award-winning professional dancer, instructor  and choreographer from Japan. She was nominated for “The New Face Award” by The Agency For Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan and performed many dance pieces in principal roles both in Japan and internationally. She joined one of Gibney Dance’s programs for international dancers in 2016 and started her NY-based professional dance career in 2018. Her first U.S. achievement was performing at Whitney Museum of American Art. Since then, she has been working with several dance companies on various dance projects in NYC. In addition to her dance career, she has always been interested in human body systems. She teaches body works/stretching classes regularly to people of all ability and experience levels from children to the elderly. Her first experience with Melt Method was at Gibney as a participant and it was ‘love at first class’. She was so impressed by Melt’s potency in combating chronic pain that she knew she had to be a Melt instructor. She became a certified Melt Method Hand & Foot Treatment instructor in 2017 and a Level 1 instructor in 2018. She has taught Melt Method at Gibney since 2018 and her passion for teaching speaks for itself in the form of her students’ shining reviews and positive feedback.

Melt Method

Melt Method is a self treatment technique to get out and stay out of chronic pain by rehydrating your connective tissue which is “fascia” scientifically. Maki’s Melt Method class is focusing on very basic Melt Method technique so all movements/sequences are easy and open for everyone. Melt tools – balls and rollers are already prepared at Gibney. Just show up with comfortable clothes. Oh! And don’t forget to bring your own water! Let’s get our body hydrated together!

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