Sarah Pacheco is a 23-year-old Latina/Latinx of Mexican descent. Originally from California, she recently moved to New York to pursue a career in dance. She has a passion for dance, travel, and learning about multiculturalism. She is a recent graduate of Goucher College where she received a B.A in Dance and Business Management with a Concentration in Arts Administration. Throughout her time at Goucher, she became an avid activist for Social Justice within her own dance department through the Dancers of Color Coalition, a community of support, safety, and leadership for artists of color. The club hosted weekly meetings and periodic events where the group discussed the aspirations and needs of artists of color. Through her work with the DOCC, she gained communication skills, patience, and a better understanding of working with diverse groups of people. She is drawn to working in settings where the presenter and audience have the opportunity to teach each other and grow as individuals, leaving more aware than when they entered. In dance, Sarah is detail-oriented, musical, and thrives in collaborative spaces. Additionally, she has experience teaching children and teens dance, ranging from modern, ballet, and jazz, to free movement classes.