Sharon Milanese is a teaching and performing artist based in New York City. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University, is a certified Pilates instructor, and teaches professional ballet classes worldwide. She is a dancer and the rehearsal director for the Lucinda Childs Dance Company. Sharon has performed with New York Theatre Ballet, Cortez and Company Contemporary/Ballet, Verb Ballets, Ramon Oller and the Peridance Ensemble, Corbindances, Liz Gerring Dance Company, Heidi Latsky Dance, Motley Dance, Patricia Hoffbauer, Dusan Tynek Dance Theater, and Robert Wilson & Philip Glass in the opera, “Einstein on the Beach.” Throughout her professional carrer, she has had the pleasure of studying with Jocelyn Lorenz, Igal Perry, Diana Byer, Sallie Wilson, among others. As a life long learner, her teaching continues to be informed by Christine Wright, Jaclynn Villamil, Kuan Hui Chew, Shelley Studenberg, and Sharon’s personal love and investigation of movement.


Sharon Milanese teaches a professional level ballet class that is both technical and musical, while creating an environment where the dancer can remember the freedom of moving in space. Sharon emphasizes a strong sense of core, breath, and energy efficiency inspiring the dancers to move big and explore the space around them. The barre sets the dancer up technically and mentally to be grounded, and free in the joints and mind. Individual corrections are given to encourage each dancer’s unique voice. Center combinations emphasize moving three dimensionally, discovering new ideas, rediscovering old ones, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

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