Tessa Brinza is originally from Novi, Michigan, and is currently living in Queens. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and English Secondary Education from Grand Valley State University in April 2017. While at school, Tessa was a part of one of the 31 works selected to attend the American College Dance Association’s 2016 National College Dance Festival and perform at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.. Tessa has had the opportunity to work with numerous guest artists, including Bryn Cohn, Mike Esperanza, Joshua Manculich, Rebecca Lemme, Take Ueyama, Autumn Eckman, and Jesse Zaritt. Tessa’s choreography has been presented multiple times at Brighton Dance Festival as well as at the 2017 American College Dance Association East-Central Regional Conference. She hopes to continue to create work, perform, and explore the art form as she integrates herself into the New York dance scene.


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