ColemanCollective, MADBOOTS, and Manuel Vignoulle
Curated by Gibney Dance Company
May 18 – 20 at 8:00 pm
Studio C at Gibney Dance 280 Broadway

The Gibney Dance Company-Curated Performance is an outlet for diverse choreographers who share the values of the Company’s unique model, viewing dance artists as innovators, generators, and activists. Gibney Dance’s Artistic Associates have curated this inaugural series prioritizing artists who work with an aesthetic of physical rigor, uncompromising tenacity, and a drive to move the dance field forward. The performance ‘makes space’ for entrepreneurial artists who are using their craft to amplify the relevancy of the dance community and position dancers as influential citizens in the world.

Retrograde: The American story through the eyes of… (Excerpt)

This work reveals several perspectives on cultural appropriation, and is filled with emotionally opaque images along with ironic commentary on the effect that slavery, segregation, and general racism have had on the Black American narrative. It describes the correlation between past and future, and hopes to inspire audiences to expand on the conversation and research of culture/ancestry, to learn from history and make it relevant for personal as well as social change.


Inspired by text of David Wojnarowicz, an American artist and activist who passed away of AIDS in 1992, ALL FOURS is a deafening portrait of a man fallen silent. A meditation on loss and the restless acceptance of being voiceless– offering a view into the mind of a man disappearing.

Manuel Vignoulle: Black & White

Black & White connects two individuals of different sexes, backgrounds, cultures, and energies, each living in their own world. In their quest of self-discovery, they are pushed towards each other to understand their singularities. This dialogue allows them to find more colors, nuances, and subtleties, expanding their respective inner worlds. Mastering their own qualities and accepting their strength and fragilities, they allow each other’s light to shine and fade to create space for something new to arise.

May 18 - 20 at 8pm
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