Work Up puts new ideas on stage.

Work Up supports the development of emerging dance and performance artists whose work demonstrates risk, relevance, and research.

This April, Work Up presents nine emerging artists on a series of three shared-bill performances, as well as an artist-generated exhibition in the Gibney Dance Gallery.

Work Up 3.1
Kareem Alexander & Company
Rachel Sigrid Freeburg in collaboration with s.lumbert
Millie Heckler and Samantha Lysaght
Friday, April 7 – Saturday, April 8 / $10
Work Up 3.2
effie bowen
IV Castellanos and Amanda Hunt
Veraalba Santa
Friday, April 14 – Saturday, April 15 / $10
Work Up 3.3
Fana Fraser
Beth Graczyk
zavé martohardjono
Friday, April 21 – Saturday, April 22 / $10


Photos: Kareem Alexander & Company by Whitney Brown, editing by Kareem Alexander; Veraalba Santa by SUPAKID; Fana Fraser by Corey Melton.