Equity Action Committee

The Equity Action Committee (EAC) is a self-selecting group of Gibney staff members dedicated to addressing issues of equity, access, and inclusion within Gibney and the dance field at large. We envision a community of individuals and institutions actively working together toward an intersectional, anti-racist, and non-discriminatory world.

EAC Members: Derek Sturdivant, Elyse Desmond, Emily Tellier, Evelyn Sanchez, Jes Wittig, Jessie Kardos, Joy Douglas, Julia Vickers, Loren Sass, Lindsey Silvera, Kadie Henderson, Kara Gilmour, Mitsuko Verdery, Morgaine DeLeonardis, Terrell Finner, Tessa Brinza, Trina Mannino, Yasemin Ozumerzifon.

Steering Committee:  Yasemin Ozumerzifon, Emily Tellier, Mitsuko Verdery.