Renter Spotlight: The New York Baroque Dance Company

On a normal day, Gibney’s 23 studios are a bustling artistic nexus. We love walking down the hallway and seeing different artists, different projects, and different communities making each space their own. We are missing that feeling, and want to find a way to share it with you.

We’ve asked a group of renters whose rehearsals, showings, workshops, and events have been postponed or suspended to give us a glimpse of what they’re working on, share the ways we can support them right now, and tell us what the first thing they’ll do is once they’re back in the studio.

The first thing we’ll do? Close our eyes, feel the floor supporting us, and take a deep breath of gratitude.

RENTER SPOTLIGHT: The New York Baroque dance Company

“We are most looking forward to being back in the studio and continuing our work in a supportive and communal atmosphere”

Who are you?
The New York Baroque Dance Company is recognized as a leader in the performance of Baroque dance. An international collaboration in the planning for 3 years with Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorus led by Nicholas McGegan, the Royal Opera House at the Chateau of Versailles and the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versaille, has been postponed due to the coronavirus. Ten dancers of the NYBDC including Julia Bengtsson, Joseph Caruana, Julian Donahue, Sarah Edgar, Carly Fox, Olsi Gjeci,Roberto Lara, Alexis Silver, Meggi Sweeney Smith and Matthew Ting, with choreographer and stage director Catherine Turocy and her assistant, Rachel List, were looking forward to bringing their art to France. Here is a brief essay on the importance of this production: We are Invited to the Royal Opera at Versailles!

How can we support you right now?
Please consider making a donation on our website here.

What is your favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studios?
Our favorite memory of working in Gibney’s studios is bumping into dancers we know from technique classes and inviting them in to see what it is we actually do. Baroque dance is still rarely seen in live performance in NYC.

What are you most looking forward to about being back in the studio?
We are most looking forward to being back in the studio and continuing our work in a supportive and communal atmosphere. If we can, we arrive early or stay later and meet friends in the green room area to share a cup of coffee, gossip and catch up on news.

What is the first thing you will do when you are back in the studio?
The first thing we will do when we are back in the studio is kiss the floor!

Top photo of dancer Catherine Turocy with Mercury Baroque Orchestra conducted by Antoine Plante, photo by Amitava Sarkar.