Follow our journey as Artistic Associates Amy Miller, Brandon Welch, and Nigel Campbell return to Tanzania to be a part of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, in partnership with EngenderHealth and the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam!

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Day 1
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Day 1

“Once again in awe of Tanzania and the community of artists and thinkers here at Nafasi Artspace! Learning so much and so glad to be here with the fantastic duo of Brandon Welch and Nigel Campbell through it all.” – Amy Miller

Reflecting about gender norms in society and the ways they affect our relationships.

“On my lunch break here at the Nafasi Arts Center, I was chatting with a Tanzanian man and he asked me if I knew where in Africa my origins were. I told him that sadly, like most Black people in America, I did not. He replied, “It’s ok… This continent has no borders… We are ALL African my brother!” – Nigel Campbell

A beautiful sight from the Nafasi Artspace first annual fundraiser last night! We were so happy to be here for this fabulous event!

Day 2

Working with the MUDA dancers on ‘Hands are for Holding’: a workshop that uses dance to start dialogue about healthy relationships by seeing moments of patience, support, equality and trust.

“Watching the beautiful dancers of the ‚Ä™Nafasi ArtSpace warming up and thinking to myself… I have so much more to learn from you than I could ever possible have to teach.” – Nigel Campbell

A night out with MUDA Africa Executive Director Rachel Kessi and Artistic Director Ian Mwaisunga, along with Nafasi Art Space Managing Director Jan Van Esch. What a team of generous and forward-thinking champions for the arts in Tanzania!

Photos courtesy of Amy Miller, Brandon Welch, and Nigel Campbell.


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